Monday, August 9

Winter is coming

I know that may sound bleak, but for us, it's something we need to remember. Because we burn wood to heat our house, and that means work!

Every year we have to spend time in the bush, cutting, lugging, stacking, throwing, tossing, piling, bringing home, and re-stacking wood. It's hard work, but it is satisfying to see the tall rows of wood blocks just waiting to be thrown in the furnace. 

Tyler does the cutting, because I'm a big chicken and I'm afraid of saws. 

I do the piling, and I usually load up the wagon, too. 

This year was a little more tricky, because we have a Ducky. :)

I was afraid that he wouldn't be happy, because he has been afraid of the chainsaw in the past, but he seems to have overcome that fear and he was quite the contented guy, sitting in his playpen, watching Mommy & Daddy work.  He had his cup, some cheese crackers, a few toys, and a Mac's milk jug to play with. He was happy for hours! 

The path to the meadow we were in....

After a while, Tyler got cutting up a couple logs that were right beside the big pile of wood that I made, so I didn't need to lug the blocks any closer.  

I got bored.

So I started taking macro photos of whatever caught my eye!



This butterfly, who only let me get about 6 feet from him before he flew away....

And Ty.

Little D eventually got bored, so he and I went for walks up and down the path, until Ty was done and it was time to go home.

We're not even close to done, but at least we've begun. 


  1. Love the pics and the story.

    Great picture of your man, by the way. Except for the frown. Why the frown, Tyler???

  2. Bad, bad girl!! :P Why are you reminding me that *snow* is coming?? :P

    Love the macro shots. Pretty butterfly!! That's on the list of pics, you know. ;)

    And of course, Ducky is adorable. And he gets his brows from his Daddy. ;)

  3. Being warm is worth the work. We're all like, "hmmm, what to do before snow," now too.

  4. LOVE the playpen on the wagon! What ya gotta get done ya gotta get done. I tend to wear my little ones on my back in a carrier, but then I always regret it the next day when I'm temporarily crippled.


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