Saturday, March 27

“Dramatic B&W” Photo Challenge!

My sister Linda and I have a special relationship. We've been best friends since we were wee ones (say that ten times fast... we were wee ones we were wee ones we were wo - I lose. Man.) and every time we get together, we end up making each other practically fall over laughing over nothing. Seriously. I could say something like "Dead puppies" and Linda would die laughing.

So, trying to get Linda to act "dramatic" for this photo challenge was actually more of a challenge than one would think. I'd say "Act sad or something!" and she'd make this really weird face, at which I would burst out laughing, and then she would laugh, and we'd be at square one again.

Finally I just gave her a glass of wine and told her to sit on my stairs and look broody. It worked! Hurrah!

So, go to i heart faces to see more dramatic black and whites!

Thursday, March 25

A bright, sunny day!

Yesterday was so gorgeous, sunny and warm that we just had to spend some time outside! Good thing we did, too, because today is cloudy, cold and breezy!

My handsome little man

Photo taken by Tyler!

Photo also taken by Tyler! Ducky shunning Mommy's kiss. Aw.

Daddy and Ducky going for a walk.

I have a very grumpy baby in my lap right now, so that is all for today.

Tuesday, March 23

Oh my..

I just Love This Face!

Is he not the cutest thing??

Happy Tuesday, everyone. I'm all out of words today.

Monday, March 22

“Focusing on Angles” Photo Challenge!

This week at i heart faces, it's all about angles!

Ducky just turned 7 months old last week, and since it was such a beautiful day here in Ontario I decided to take his seven month pictures outside! It was his first time in the grass, and he was quite taken with it!

I got down in the grass with him, taking pictures from different angles, and I liked this one the best.

At first he was trying to eat the grass, but eventually he gave up (because I was faster than he was) and he just pulled pieces of it up and threw them away.

Go to i heart faces to see more photos!

Wednesday, March 17

Tuesday, March 16

7 months old!

My son is seven months old today.

*Mind Boggling*

Today was a beautiful, sunny, gorgeous day. So we went outside to play in the grass! This was the first time Ducky crawled in the grass, and he was quite taken with it.

He kept trying to eat it! I had to be quick in order to get the grass out of his hand before he got it in his mouth!

I sat him up on the old hay wagon for a few pictures, he enjoyed it because it's parked right beside the dog yard, so he got to watch Brady and Lucy!

He does love his doggies.

I can't believe my gorgeous son is 7 months old already. Where did all that time go?

Monday, March 15

"Bundled Up" Photo Challenge

It was hard to choose a photo for this week's challenge, because I have quite a few of my little guy in his snowsuit!

Every once in a while Ducky and I go outside with T-man when he puts wood in the outdoor furnace.

I think it's pretty obvious in this photo that they are related.

All bundled up, and chillin' in the snow.

Go to i heart faces to see more!

Saturday, March 13

Belly Time Part II

Ducky loves to crawl!

It allows him to explore the world,

practice his yoga moves,

get into trouble,

and chase his Mommy around.

A jolly good time!

Tuesday, March 9

It's already been done...

... but it was SUCH a fun day, I feel like we need our memories refreshed one more time.

Last Friday we (meaning my Mom, almost all of my brothers and sisters, most of my brothers in law, most of my nephews and nieces, T-man, Ducky and I..... I don't know the exact number, but it's a lot) went tobogganing! It was ridiculously fun.

Poor baby Wessy was sick with a cold. :(
Which he shared with Ducky. :(
(Well, it was either Wesley or Amelia or Hannah or someone at the grocery store who shared germs with Ducky.....)

My oldest nephew Justin, who is looking way too grown up.

It wasn't a very big hill, but it was big enough for fun sledding and small enough that the littles didn't get tired running up it after they slid down!

Trenton, who is also looking ridiculously grown up.

"Gold in your mouth, hat turned sideways, looking like a Fool with your--" you know the rest.
Justin has wicked awesome yellow braces. It looks like he's got a gold grill.

Emma, toughing it out dragging the biggest sled up the hill!

Quinnie was AWESOME! He was riding his snowboard like mad. I remember I tried using a snowboard once, and I fell on my face.

Poor Banana had a very runny nose and watery eyes. She wasn't upset though, and liked watching all the activity!

Granny got in on the action! Woo hoo!

Tyler was just a big kid! He has so much fun.

Awesome Quin, again...


Those are the best pictures that I got from that day. I say we should do it again, and if you are reading this and you are not related to me, go and get your family and go tobogganing! It is mucho fun and you will treasure the memories!

Monday, March 8

Spring is almost here...

So enjoy these last few winter pictures, because soon I won't have any to post until next year! Not that I'm sad about that, at all.