Tuesday, March 16

7 months old!

My son is seven months old today.

*Mind Boggling*

Today was a beautiful, sunny, gorgeous day. So we went outside to play in the grass! This was the first time Ducky crawled in the grass, and he was quite taken with it.

He kept trying to eat it! I had to be quick in order to get the grass out of his hand before he got it in his mouth!

I sat him up on the old hay wagon for a few pictures, he enjoyed it because it's parked right beside the dog yard, so he got to watch Brady and Lucy!

He does love his doggies.

I can't believe my gorgeous son is 7 months old already. Where did all that time go?


  1. LOVE his hat! LOVE his vest! :D

    That boy is too adorable!!

    The third one is too cute.

  2. Not photogenic at all, is he?

    *dies laughing...*

  3. He is toooooo gorgeous.

    And I LOVE the matching Camo hat and pants. He's stylin'.

    I like the one wheres he's on the hay wagon looking at Brady and Lucy, with a hint of a smile. I don't remeber which number it was, but it struck me as special.


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