Monday, December 10


Reid has mastered his "Cheese!" face. :D

He loves rice cakes and peanut butter... or nutella, or apple butter, or jam, or whatever. He eats anything I put in front of him. So easy!!

Deklan asked me if he could have a "toffee", and I couldn't think of a good enough reason to say no. So, he got a little mug with a teeny bit of coffee. I love his "Mmmm java" face. :D

Ham level: Master

Deklan, with his lineup of "robot trucks" (otherwise known as Transformers...). He likes to pretend that the police car is a 'bad guy', just like in the movies. :)

Thursday, December 6

Puppy Pictures!

Just in case you forgot how adorable puppies are... ;)

I've gotten a few more phone calls about them today, so with any luck a few more puppies will be headed to their new homes soon!

They're really getting really good at holding their business until I let them outside. It's been quite a while since they've had an accident on my floor when I let them out of their kennel. It should be fairly easy for their new people to house train them, at least, that's the hope. Otherwise the work I've been putting in to them will be for nothing!

I want to get a good picture of each individual puppy to put up on kijiji and on here, but not all of them will sit still long enough! These pictures are only two different puppies, hehehehe.

Bruin has lost his manly bits, as of yesterday... so no more puppies for us! It's been a fun experience, but I'll be happy when everything gets back to normal around here. :)