Friday, July 31

Babies, babies, everywhere!

It's been a while since my last blog post, I know.... but life has gotten crazy busy lately!
Crazy busy + swollen ankles = not so interested in blogging at night, more interested in putting feet up and drinking some ice cold water.

But, I have two very adorable things to blog about.... you know how my sister-in-law and my sister were both pregnant, and their due dates were approximately 3 weeks ahead of mine? Well, last week they both served eviction notices to their babies, four days apart from each other.

Isaac came first. He was born on the 25th of July, at 11:07 pm. He's a little monster, weighing in at 9 lbs 14 oz.

He belongs to our sister-in-law Lesley and her husband Eugene, who is Ty's oldest brother. He, big baby that he is, was squished inside little 5'3 Lesley (if she even is 5'3, tiny thing that she is), so he was very reluctant to move his hands and legs away from his body. I tried, and he pulled against me! No, Auntie Sarah! He'll realize soon enough that the world is bigger than a watermelon.

This little sweetie is Hannah. She belongs to my sister Adeena and her husband Jeff. Doesn't she look like a cabbage patch doll? Those kissable cheeks are so round and squishy! She made her appearance July 28th, at 11:53 pm, and she weighed 8 lbs 11 oz.

I was pinching her to make her cry, of course. Babies are so cute when they cry, they get all wrinkly and red in the face, it's hilarious!

Uncle Tyler with his newest little niece. I think he's getting pretty comfortable holding newborns.

Well, I'm the only pregnant one left, and I still have 3 weeks to go. Well, a little less than 3 weeks. I'm hoping to make it to my due date, though, so I have everything ready for baby Beanie! My midwife says I'll probably go early, because I want to make it to 40 weeks. She says the ones that want to come early never do, and vice versa. I'm crossing my fingers, though... once I have everything prepared, then I'll be totally ready for him to come out. But not yet! Not yet, Baby! Everyone send him "stay in!" vibes!

Congratulations to my sister and sister-in-law and their families!

Tuesday, July 21

Oh boy...

He doesn't stand a chance....

He's going to be a Leaf fan no matter what I do.

It's not my fault... I'm not the one buying the jerseys and coats and sleepers and hats and booties and infant seat covers and whatever else. They are given to me! Or bought by my husband, who is cautiously optimistic about the future of his childhood favourite team.

Oh well... I'm just a traitorous Pittsburgh fan, after all. And who knows, maybe the baby will grow up to have his own opinions and be a fan of an entirely different team altogether.... as long as it's not the NY Islanders. I can't stand that team.

Tuesday, July 14

Take that, pesky flies!

Our house is old. Very, very old. Probably 130 years old, or something around there.

Our house, being old, has very old windows. Those windows, being around the same age as our very old house, do not do a very good job of keeping things like the wind, rain, and flies, outside instead of inside. They just come right on in, finding paths through the decaying frames and rotting sills that things much bigger than them can't navigate.
Plus, whenever there is a thunderstorm or a very strong wind, the windowpanes shake so hard I fear they will shatter and spray through the room like millions of daggers like you see in scary movies when the ghost is haunting the new residents of the old house and they're like "Get out of my house!!!" and the people are like, "Noooo!"

Yeah, a bit of a stretch, there.... but at 2:00 am, during a thunderstorm, my imagination can run away with me just a little bit.

Because we don't like flies, or wind, or rain, or ghosts being able to come in whenever and wherever they please, Tyler and I decided to install new windows. Not every window in our house (because when you're not a millionaire you need to renovate gradually), just the worst windows upstairs.

Old window on the right, new window on the left. Snazzy!

It looks like our house has had cataract surgery. She (yes, my house is a she) must feel SO much better, now she can see our neighbours and can stop bugging the tree to give her all the gossipy details.

Tyler's dad, Doug, came to help him install the new windows, which I very much appreciate. Besides being afraid of ghosts (ha), I'm also afraid of heights, so I wasn't going to be the one on the ladder outside.

I hate people who aren't afraid of heights. Well, not hate... I guess it's envy. Why aren't they afraid? Why? Do they know how HIGH UP they are???? Seriously!

Yeah, I wouldn't be able to do that. I'm such a chicken.

He knows I'm taking pictures of him, but he won't look at the camera. My dad-in-law is kinda pesky that way. He doesn't like pictures, but I do, and since I'm the one with the camera, I just keep on snapping away regardless of his feelings about it. Neener neener.

Abby likes pictures. I took this, and she had to come downstairs in order for me to show it to her on the camera. Such a little diva.

Tyler isn't a diva, but he is..... something.

I love that nerd.

Anyways, the new windows are beautiful, I love them so much, and they are the kind that open up and fold down so you can wash the outside while being inside! Score for me! No ladders, yay!

Eventually, all the windows in our house will be new ones, and then hopefully all those stinking flies that come over from the neighbour's farm will be kept out... I'm really getting tired of vacuuming those little stinkers up. Stupid flies.

Friday, July 10

6 more weeks!

Give or take...

That's right, I'm 34 weeks pregnant, as of yesterday.. Woo hoo!

40 more days!

I don't have any stretch marks yet,
here's hoping for some good ol' skin
elasticity to last me the next 6 weeks!

I don't think there's any mistaking me for being just a little tubby instead of pregnant anymore! Beanie's getting big. He's no longer a little bean, he's a whole crock pot full o' chili! 5 lbs or so, according to the pregnancy week-by-week calender that emails me every Thursday.

I'm definitely getting more tired lately, because it's getting harder to sleep at night. Baby squishes right up into my lungs, which makes it exceedingly difficult to breathe, especially when laying down.... not a good recipe for a restful sleep.

But, I'm not being a couch potato! I've been keeping busy this week, staining and varnishing all the trim for our bedroom. This past week has been really sunny and beautiful, which was awesome, especially after the 40 days and 40 nights of rain we had. It really made varnishing easy, because it dried so quickly that I didn't have to wait long to put another coat on!

(By the way, pregnant ladies aren't supposed to use products like wood stain or varnish, but I did it outside in the fresh air and so it wasn't bad. I do not recommend doing it indoors, though... when Ty did the bedroom floors, I vacated the house. It was nasty.)

Well, my brother Dan is here today, helping Ty put the ceiling up in our bedroom. I'll post pictures of that at a later date..... the point is, I have to go make something for lunch to feed the beasts. The 2 lbs of bacon, 3 eggs for Dan & 3 huge pancakes each this morning probably won't keep them going all day.

Friday, July 3

Where oh where did June go??

I've decided that 2009 is just blasting by, dragging all of us in it's wake. I mean, it seems like yesterday was Ava & Michael's party, and now it's July! That's crazy! June, you left too swiftly.

It was my husband's 27th birthday June 25th. I didn't blog about it then, because I haven't blogged about anything in quite a while. So lazy, I know.

He takes notoriously bad pictures, though. This is the only good one out of the 20 or 30 I took of him opening his presents.

He was happiest with his hockey net, I think. He's 27, but he's still a kid at heart. He was out there for almost 40 minutes before I called him in for cake.

I love birthdays! I love celebrating birthdays, and I think I'm starting to infect Tyler with that. Before he met me, he couldn't give two hoots if it was his birthday or not. He always seemed to be working, so it really wasn't that special of a day to him. But this year, he started looking forward to his birthday long before the day. He knew I was gonna spoil him.

There wasn't just a birthday to celebrate, we've been quietly celebrating and preparing for the arrival of our sweet baby.... that means a lot of work. We're nearing the finish line with the nursery, though, all the trim is almost on!

You can see right through to our red room, across the hallway.
We still have a lot of work to do in there.

This is the closet. I can't think of anything else to say about it.

I think Tyler and I are most happy about how the ceiling trim turned out.
The green around the top was Ty's idea, and I think it looks fabulous.

The baseboard was actually the easiest out of anything to put on.
We got all of it on the morning after his birthday.

It all looks pretty snazzy!

As soon as Ty gets the quarter-round put on, I'm going to touch up all the nails and scuff marks, and then it will be time to set up the furniture! I'm so excited about that, I can't wait to see how it will all look when I'm done decorating.

July, you just go by slowly, so we have time to get everything done before Beanie decides it's time to come out, okay? Thanks so much. Mwah.