Friday, July 31

Babies, babies, everywhere!

It's been a while since my last blog post, I know.... but life has gotten crazy busy lately!
Crazy busy + swollen ankles = not so interested in blogging at night, more interested in putting feet up and drinking some ice cold water.

But, I have two very adorable things to blog about.... you know how my sister-in-law and my sister were both pregnant, and their due dates were approximately 3 weeks ahead of mine? Well, last week they both served eviction notices to their babies, four days apart from each other.

Isaac came first. He was born on the 25th of July, at 11:07 pm. He's a little monster, weighing in at 9 lbs 14 oz.

He belongs to our sister-in-law Lesley and her husband Eugene, who is Ty's oldest brother. He, big baby that he is, was squished inside little 5'3 Lesley (if she even is 5'3, tiny thing that she is), so he was very reluctant to move his hands and legs away from his body. I tried, and he pulled against me! No, Auntie Sarah! He'll realize soon enough that the world is bigger than a watermelon.

This little sweetie is Hannah. She belongs to my sister Adeena and her husband Jeff. Doesn't she look like a cabbage patch doll? Those kissable cheeks are so round and squishy! She made her appearance July 28th, at 11:53 pm, and she weighed 8 lbs 11 oz.

I was pinching her to make her cry, of course. Babies are so cute when they cry, they get all wrinkly and red in the face, it's hilarious!

Uncle Tyler with his newest little niece. I think he's getting pretty comfortable holding newborns.

Well, I'm the only pregnant one left, and I still have 3 weeks to go. Well, a little less than 3 weeks. I'm hoping to make it to my due date, though, so I have everything ready for baby Beanie! My midwife says I'll probably go early, because I want to make it to 40 weeks. She says the ones that want to come early never do, and vice versa. I'm crossing my fingers, though... once I have everything prepared, then I'll be totally ready for him to come out. But not yet! Not yet, Baby! Everyone send him "stay in!" vibes!

Congratulations to my sister and sister-in-law and their families!


  1. Such adorable little ones! So pudgy, both of them. Squishable, pinchable cheeks!

    Ya gotta love it!

    Now I can't wait for baby Beanie to make his appearance.

    Wondering what 2010 will bring...

  2. Look at those lips on Isaac!! He's too adorable.

    Seriously Sarah, I can't wait for Beanie to get here. I am so in love with Hannah, and I can't wait till you get to hold Beanie, and squish his cheeks, and smell his hair, and snuggle his neck, and so on and so on. :) There's nothing like it.

    And, of course, I want to snuggle him, too.

    So exciting!

  3. how CUTE!! my goodness! I love babies... yours will be here before you know it!! Eviction notices... haha love it :)


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