Friday, July 10

6 more weeks!

Give or take...

That's right, I'm 34 weeks pregnant, as of yesterday.. Woo hoo!

40 more days!

I don't have any stretch marks yet,
here's hoping for some good ol' skin
elasticity to last me the next 6 weeks!

I don't think there's any mistaking me for being just a little tubby instead of pregnant anymore! Beanie's getting big. He's no longer a little bean, he's a whole crock pot full o' chili! 5 lbs or so, according to the pregnancy week-by-week calender that emails me every Thursday.

I'm definitely getting more tired lately, because it's getting harder to sleep at night. Baby squishes right up into my lungs, which makes it exceedingly difficult to breathe, especially when laying down.... not a good recipe for a restful sleep.

But, I'm not being a couch potato! I've been keeping busy this week, staining and varnishing all the trim for our bedroom. This past week has been really sunny and beautiful, which was awesome, especially after the 40 days and 40 nights of rain we had. It really made varnishing easy, because it dried so quickly that I didn't have to wait long to put another coat on!

(By the way, pregnant ladies aren't supposed to use products like wood stain or varnish, but I did it outside in the fresh air and so it wasn't bad. I do not recommend doing it indoors, though... when Ty did the bedroom floors, I vacated the house. It was nasty.)

Well, my brother Dan is here today, helping Ty put the ceiling up in our bedroom. I'll post pictures of that at a later date..... the point is, I have to go make something for lunch to feed the beasts. The 2 lbs of bacon, 3 eggs for Dan & 3 huge pancakes each this morning probably won't keep them going all day.


  1. Nope, that's definitely not enough to keep those skinny boys going. ;)

    Love the belly! :D Too cute. Can't believe how fast it's going by.

  2. Sarah, you are the cutest pregnant lady ever!!

    Ducky will be much easier once he's out.

    The last part of the pregnancy really sucks. But then it makes the Momma willing to go through labour to get it out!!!

  3. look at you!!!

    "he's no longer a bean... a whole crock pot a chili..."

    hahahahahaha love it :)


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