Wednesday, February 13

Snow Day

I haven't posted in ages! Holy. In my defense, I was sick for basically all of January. It was insane... so glad to say goodbye to that month! :p February has been much kinder so far. :)

We've had quite a few nice Winter days! It's been great for playing outside with the boys and the dogs. :) (Oh, and the cat... she likes to follow us all around the property.. it's pretty funny!)

Reid was Not Quite Happy that day, to be outside... It was right before his naptime, and he was a cranky pants. This was one of the two sorta smiles Ty was able to get out of him. :D

Bruin doesn't like Deklan, at all. Not at all.

His complainy face kills me. XD

I love crying babies. They are so cute. Their faces make me go all "Awwwhawwhawwhaww!!!" 

I asked Deklan what he was pretending to be, and he said "A big robot truck!" Okay, buddy! :D

Moonpie the cat, who is not at all bothered by the constant attention from all three dogs. They used to try to chase her, but now she just lays down and purrs, even when they nip at her. She killed their killer instinct with her overpowering apathy.

Aww... our baby Brady. We're glad to have her back to normal! :)

That was our Sunday! We wanted to go sledding, but the snow just wasn't right... maybe next weekend.