Saturday, November 5

The calm before the storm

Waiting? Yeaaah, I'm not a huge fan of it. There are things that are worth waiting for, so I do, but it's so much better once the wait is over!

Currently I'm waiting for my baby to decide it's time to come out. I'm okay with waiting a little while longer, because seriously how cool would it be to be able to fill out forms with the birthdate "11/11/11"??? But I don't want to wait too much longer to be able to hold this little person in my arms, and smell them (yes, smell.. I love new baby smell) and see them and touch their little hands and feet and toesies and legs and back and all!  Oooh I forgot fingers! Teeny tiny little fingers...

I also want to know what this baby IS already. Boy or girl?? I don't know! I have a feeling, and I want to know whether I'm right or not! Enough of referring to the baby as "the baby" or "it". 

Deklan is also getting tired of waiting. He comes up to me, pats my belly and says "Out. Out." and I have to say "Not yet, the baby isn't ready to come out yet. Soon! Not now. Soon!" And then he gives me the stankface like it's MY fault the baby isn't here RIGHT NOW. Toddlers.... sigh.

There are some things I should get ready before the baby gets here, like getting my home birth kit together (kinda helpful to have that ready before I go into labour... heeyuk heeyuk) and moving the single bed downstairs to the living room... I did wash the newborn clothes today, BOTH sets, just gotta fold them and oooh and aah over their extreme cuteness for a while, then I'm ready! Oh I should wash some receiving blankets... OkAy, so I'm not completely ready!! Big deal. I am really quite ready. If I go into labour tonight I can throw a bunch of blankets in the wash and have them ready by the time the midwives get here. So there.

I guess I should enjoy this time of rest before the baby comes, it's just hard to rest! Especially when you don't have any books in the house to read. I should raid my sister's book collections, that might make me happier between now and whenever the baby decides to make their appearance...

I've just given myself a great idea! Linda, prepare to have your bookshelves raided! Tomorrow. If I come. Which I probably will. But maybe not. Mwahahaha! Suspense!