Monday, August 30

Board and batten

Board 'n batten, board'n'batting, boards and bacon, bacon and cheese, cheesey bacon clusters, I'm sorry where is my bacon??? Bacon!?

Okay, I'm realizing that no one in the real world actually said anything about bacon. But I'm hungry, and I haven't eaten breakfast yet, and bacon is the most delicious thing in the world, so naturally I thought of bacon when I said something else that sounded like bacon. Because batten sounds like bacon, if you say it fast and don't use your brain.

Anyway, this past weekend was one of the craziest, busiest, and most tiring weekends ever. You all knew that last Thursday night our Realtor called and was all like "Heh! I want to bring someone to see your house Saturday morning, even though I said originally that I wouldn't bring anyone until Monday! So!"  and we were like "Nooooooooooooooooooooooo yes. I guess." Which meant we had to work our butts off to finish the living room ceiling. 

You know, when you put drywall up in a room, you have to take everything (and I mean EVERYTHING, the only thing we left in there was the piano -the heaviest piano in the world, that is-) out of there, which means that every other room in your house has a disproportionate *I just spelled that correctly on the first try! AIR FIVE!!* amount of furniture, gadgets, etc. So even though all the drywall dust is kept in one area, everything else still gets FILTHY. 

So, Thursday night Tyler finished sanding the drywall. Thursday night and Friday morning (as in, 1:00 a.m.) I put a coat of primer on the ceiling while Tyler went to bed, because I made him! He had to get up early the next morning (as in, 3:30 a.m.) and there was no way I was going to let him help me. I may have yelled, I may have stomped my foot. Twice.

Later that same Friday morning, my sister Linda came over and helped me put on the first coat of paint.  She brought my brother Christopher to help watch Deklan so we could paint without having to chase a 1 year old. 

At lunchtime, I had to go pick up Ty's Mom, who was going to help Ty with the planing and cutting of all the cedar boards for the board and batten we were planning on putting up on the weekend. So when we got back, Critter continued to watch Ducky, and I put on the final coat of paint on the ceiling. 

Then, it was time to clean!

Ohhhhh.... the cleaning. 

My living room has wainscoting. I now hate wainscoting. Have you ever washed drywall dust, mud flecks, and paint flecks out of every nook, cranny, and crevice that wainscoting has? Well, I have. It sucks. My knees hurt. My back hurt. My arms hurt. I hate wainscoting. If it didn't look so darn nice, I would get Tyler to rip it out and burn it. Phooey. 

So, Friday night I finished up all the cleaning that I could possibly do by myself, and then at 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning I collapsed into bed.

Deklan woke up at 4:30 a.m., I tried to get back to sleep (unsuccessfully) until I just decided to get up at 6:30 a.m., and then my brother-in-law Jeff showed up to help me with the finishing touches in the living room. Mom and Linda came a little later, to help me clean everything after moving all the furniture and gadgets back into the living room! We only had until 11:00 a.m. to do EVERYTHING, and I must say I got pretty stressed out (there is another word for it, but it's too shocking to write here) and was bulldozing my way through everything and everyone at about 9:45. I was panicking, thinking we were going to run out of time, but I didn't need to worry so much. Everything was done, everything was cleaned and washed and sparkly, all at 10:57 a.m. We walked out the door just as the Realtor pulled up, and everything was perfect!

I couldn't have done it without Jeff, Linda, Mom, and Critter. You guys are amazing and awesome. :)

So, fast forward to yesterday... Ty's Mom and Dad came after lunch on Sunday to help start the board and batten on the back room. 

I must say, it's going to look fantastic when it's finished.

It's going to be so cool!

Oh, and now for a scary rabbit trail... Friday night we removed the back porch, because it's old and rotten and needs to be replaced, and underneath the first step there was a skeleton! Probably a cat skeleton, although it could have been a skunk, I don't know. The people who owned the house before us were crazy cat people, they had something like 20 cats, so I'm assuming it was a family pet who just decided to crawl under the porch and die one day. It was pretty creepy to find that, and to think about what ELSE might be lurking under things we haven't moved, like the front porch or the.... stairs.

Deklan got a wagon from his Grandpa and Grandma for his birthday, and it's his favourite thing. He'll sit in there for hours, just hanging out, chillin' and chilaxing.

Yes, that bottle is full of dirt. Why? Because my 3 year old niece Amelia thought it needed to be full of dirt. And since the dirt was inside, not outside the bottle, I didn't think it would matter if Deklan put his mouth on it. Besides, everyone needs to ingest a bit of dirt in their lifetime, that's how you build up the flora in your gut, in order to support a healthy immune system. :)

Deklan was smiling and laughing at Grandma, who was making silly faces and silly noises. :)

My son is the cutest. 

So, this week Tyler and I have to finish the board & batten, repair a few boards on our front porch that have given up the ghost, and then we just have to wait and pray and try not to stress out. Because if it's meant to be, it'll happen. The house will be sold, we'll move to our new home, and life will go on. ;)

Now, I must go eat some breakfast.

And stop thinking about bacon.

Friday, August 27

I stubbed my toe today....

.... and quite a lot of skin is now missing from the tip. My poor, poor baby toe. The kicker of it is, I didn't even notice until I stepped into the shower a couple hours ago. Then it was stinging, and I was saying "Ouchie, ouchie, ouch ouch!" and hopping on one foot.

Ah well.... it was a busy day.

My living room ceiling is finished! Woo hoo! And the living room is clean. Oy vey, is it ever clean. Have I ever mentioned that I hate wainscoting?  No? Well I do. Mainly because it is so hard to get clean! So many little edges and ruts and corners..... ack. Full of drywall dust! It was fantastic. NOT.

Now, I have to do dishes and tidy up everything I possibly can, because tomorrow the Realtor is bringing a couple to see our house. Our first showing! It's so stressful and exciting but mostly stressful. Mainly because we weren't expecting anyone to come until Monday, and we got a surprise call Thursday night "Hey can I bring someone Saturday morning?" and we were like "!!?!?!! !!!!???! !!" and then we decided we'd go for it. So it's been a busy couple days! A lot of late nights, and early mornings. Am I coherent any more? Not really. Am I looking forward to going to bed tonight? Only sorta, because now I have to worry about my stupid baby toe and not getting it stuck to the sheet with its ooey gooey grossness. Bleh. (Because I can't wear band-aids. Something about being allergic and having a severe reaction to any type of adhesive, blah blah blah.)

Oh, and I have to finish doing laundry tonight, so I don't have basket-fulls of laundry hanging around stinking of stink for strangers to see and/or smell. Stinking of stink? Yes, I wrote that. Twice.

Now that I've wasted a sufficient enough amount of time on the computer, I must go do dishes! And make sure the coffee maker is set to come on at 6:30 a.m. Because Jeffie will be here by 7:00!  I said there would be coffee, so coffee there shall be!

Have a good weekend, everyone. :)

Monday, August 23

It's my birthday!

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me! :)

I forgot to take any pictures the night of Deklan's party. *Gasp! Shock! Horror! Incredulity! A possum?*

Yesterday was the great big family reunion for my Dad's side of the family. I don't know how many people were actually there, since I was not the official head counter, but I think it was somewhere around 60.  

I did get pictures of that, but I'm not energetic enough today to actually download them and edit them and put them up. And I'll tell you why.

Today, Tyler and I (with a little help from Ty's BBF and my youngest sister) finished the last bit of drywall that needed to be put up in our house. We used 12 foot sheets. Twas not easy. My shoulders are SORE. My arms have almost given up entirely, and my hips are about to go on strike. 

Why did we do that? Well I'll tell you that too.

We're probably (but not entirely for sure) going to move. We put an offer on a house that is just PERFECT, and our offer got accepted. That means we have to sell our current home, and we only have 60 days to do it before our offer expires. YIKES! 

So, that means we have to finish up all the little unfinished projects we've been meaning to get around to doing but just never have mustered up the will or time or energy to get at it. 

I don't think that sentence actually makes sense, but right about now I don't care. 

I will explain more some other time. I'm just about done. I'm going to go sit and put my feet up and watch a movie, since we don't have any satellite since our TV is in the kitchen and the satellite cord doesn't stretch that far.

How was your weekend?

Friday, August 20

Missing my baby boy

He's at Grandma's, which of course means he is not here with me. So I am sad.

And my bosoms hurt. He isn't weaned yet, and the breast pump just ain't doing the job.

I'm very excited for him to come home! Only an hour and a half left! Yes!

We're having a big 1st Birthday Bash today, with all my family and all Ty's family. Should be epic! Hopefully in a fun way!

I'll have pictures of it up tomorrow... For today, pray for my poor swollen mammary glands, and that my heart doesn't explode of sadness if my son is even a minute late. Because I miss him that much.

Happy weekend, everyone!


Monday, August 16

Deklan's First Birthday! (Pt 3)

After a much needed bath,

it was time for presents!

Deklan was very excited about his presents, he had been eying them up all day, but they were just out of reach on the table.

Daddy sat on the floor to help him open the presents up.

What is it?

"Dude, that is AWESOME!"

He was so enthralled by the monster truck, he just couldn't wait to hold it! He was quite upset that Daddy was holding it, not letting him have it. He didn't understand that it needed to be taken out of the package, first.

"Dad, let GO!"

He was NOT impressed when Daddy took it to the kitchen to get a pair of scissors to cut the ties with. He was crying, and threw himself down on the floor and had a little bit of a tantrum. It was a little hilarious. ;)

When Tyler put the truck on the floor, Deklan wasted no time. He started playing right away!

He played with it for almost an hour before he lost interest and played with his balloon again.

Happy Birthday, Deklan!

At 8:25 PM, the exact time of his birth, we hugged and kissed him and told him we loved him so much

We thank God for this beautiful, precious, wonderful boy that He gave us.

Deklan's First Birthday! (Pt 2)

For Deklan's 1st Birthday supper, we had pizza!

We always have pizza for Birthday suppers. I'm pretty sure we'll have it next week for my Birthday, too. We had it for Ty's Birthday a couple months ago. It's just what we do.

Deklan LOVES pizza.

To him, it's the best. He'll gobble up any piece I put in front of him.

"Nom nom nom!"

I must say, he's SO adorable.

So is this guy.

Meh, this one's aight.

So yummy!!

After pizza, it was time for CAKE!

Tyler lit the candle and we both sang "Happy Birthday" to our little man!

Deklan was very interested in the cake, but he didn't know how to blow out the candle. It was okay, Daddy did it for him.

"MOM I want CAKE!"

I made sure that Tyler gave the Birthday Boy a HUGE piece of cake.

Deklan had trouble hanging on to the thing at first.

But he soon figured it out.

Yummy icing!

Oh man was it good. So good.

I make the best icing, I really do. And the cake wasn't bad, either.

Messy boy!!!

-to be continued, again. Yes, again. Stop your whining and just go to the next one.