Sunday, February 28

With glowing hearts, We see Thee rise!




Voice getting HOARSE!

Must..... STOP.... Yelling!


Go Canada!!!!

Friday, February 26

Chubby hands

This week's I Heart Faces contest was about hands. So, consequently, I had a whole bunch of hand pictures all fixed up and edited, ready to go.

These were two pictures I contemplated entering.

Every morning, I let the dogs out and stand at the door, waiting for them to come back inside. And every morning, Ducky puts his hand up on the window, and watches the dogs running around outside.

I don't know why he touches the window, it's cold! I don't like touching it. But he has to. If I don't stand close enough, and his hand falls short, he complains.

I just love his chubby baby hands. It's a little hard for me to believe that someday, those hands will be big and rough, just like his Daddy's.

For now, I'm going to hold those soft little baby hands, and give them lots of kisses. Because someday he won't let me kiss his hands, and I don't think I'll want to, either.

Tuesday, February 23

Fun Outside!

I haven't put any pictures of these two up in a while!

They used to get their picture up on here all the time. Oh well, they are on the bottom of the totem pole now, with Ducky sitting on their heads. Hah!

But aren't they cute? I love my doggies.

NOW, on to the good stuff!!

Isn't my son handsome?

I love how thick his eyelashes are.

We were outside playing, and like a good dog owner he was calling Brady and Lucy to make sure they weren't heading for the road or anything.

I just love these pictures.

Are his eyes crazy blue or what?

These pictures are actually from February 16th. It was a beautiful day that day, and today looks like a good one too! We'll be heading back outside for some more snow fun later on. He's only 6 months old, but that doesn't mean he doesn't like the snow.

Monday, February 22

I Heart Faces "Hands-on Fun!"

This week at i heart faces, it's all about hands! Every once in a while they take the focus off of faces and concentrate on another area, like feet, tooshies, and now hands!

I love hands. To me, hands tell as much about a person as their face does.

My son, Ducky, is 6 months old. He's just starting to learn control over his hands! His little chubby baby hands just knock me out with cuteness.

This is Ducky, a couple weeks ago when I gave him rice cereal for the first time. I let him play with the spoon after he was done, and it entertained him for ten minutes! He kept on getting his hands tangled up, and worked really hard to pick up the spoon every time he dropped it. It was so cute!

Go to I Heart Faces to see more hands!

Saturday, February 20

6 months old!

My little buddy had his 6 month birthday on the 16th! As always, I wanted to take some pictures to commemorate his milestone. And, as always, it was not as easy as it could have been.

Ducky was in no mood for pictures that day. He wanted to play, not sit in a chair and smile nicely for Mommy.

I was going to try to redo his 6 month pictures, but then I thought "Why?". He is a spirited, opinionated spitfire, so his portraits should reflect that. Why have only happy, smiling pictures of my son, when he has so many other facets to his personality?

And so, I give you, Ducky's 6 month pictures.

One of the few smiles I got.... I believe in quality over quantity, don't you?

Ducky is 6 months old, and he wants to GO go GO! He's already started commando crawling, and he absolutely loves to walk holding onto someone's hands. He gets so excited he leans forward, and trips over his own feet! But he's getting the technique. A few more months, and I do think he'll try walking by himself!

He's starting to entertain himself more and more, which gives me a nice break every once in a while! I can put him on the floor with a toy, and he'll worm his way around, chasing the dogs and yelling at them.

He makes me laugh every day, he's so cute and does such comical things. I did want just some nice smiley pictures from him, but now I'm glad I got the ones I did. They are so full of personality, just like him!

Thursday, February 18

Belly time!

These pictures are from Monday, which you may recall was Family Day here in Canada!
Well, actually, I don't know if it's all across Canada, maybe just in a few provinces. But oh well.

Ducky was having loads of fun with Daddy. They were goofing around and walking about and doing all kinds of fun things.

Then, Ducky saw the register.

It was THE most Amazing thing he had ever seen!

He couldn't get over it. It was so fascinating.

The furnace was running, so he was getting hot air in the face, but apparently that added to the appeal.

He stayed there for about ten minutes, which is 3 months in baby time.

Tyler would pull him away from it, and he would commando-crawl his way back!

It was the best thing ever!

So, Daddy got replaced by a vent in the floor. Poor Daddy. He rolled over and went to sleep.
And then the mongrels attacked.

Finally, something that got Ducky's attention!

Daddy beating up the dogs was pretty cool. Cool enough to make him forget about that strange blowy hole in the floor.

So he rolled over,

and started playing with the fridge.

I call it belly time, but any time on the floor -whether on his back or his belly- is EXPLORING time!

Yeah, I'm gonna have to babyproof my house soon. I can see this guy having some frightening episodes involving outlets and stairs. Oh my.

Wednesday, February 17

Tomorrow, tomorrow....

There's always tomorrow.

I know I said I was going to post again about Deklan being on his belly, and I do intend to.

I just had a REALLY crappy night last night, and a crappy morning this morning, and a crappy day all day, sooooo....... I don't feel like blogging today.

But tomorrow for sure.

Monday, February 15

Happy Family Day!

Tyler got home fairly early today, so we were able to spend some time together on our first Family Day as a family!

Little Buddy loves his Daddy.

He's just SO MUCH fun!

Ducky has been showing off his mad walking skillz lately, he just loves to be on his feet!

Eventually he gets tired, though, and then it's time to rest.

And torture the doggies.
(Lucy is such a good girl, though... she knows to just 'Run AWAY!' when the baby reaches for her. One day Ducky grabbed her ear and pulled so hard, but she just whimpered and got away as soon as she could... no nipping or growling.)

Then Daddy decides it's time to play again!

Sliding across the floor was lots of fun.... Little Buddy held his head up so the bald spot on the back doesn't get any bigger.

Isn't that the cutest little baby bottom you have ever seen??

Taking in some belly time. More on that tomorrow.

My two guys! They are best buds!

Family rocks.

Happy Family Day! Hope yours was as enjoyable as mine was.