Wednesday, September 26

A Beautiful Day

I don't like to think about the fact that Winter is swiftly approaching (although, apparently I like to passive-aggressively remind the rest of you that Winter is swiftly approaching... Christmas is only three months away, remember?), so today was simply wonderful.

It was so sunny and warm! Deklan, Reid & I went for a long walk, just to soak up some sunshine and to get some fresh air.

Just look at that sky!! That's straight out of the camera, no touch-ups or colour enhancements.

Reid loves to go for walks. He's an observer, he likes to sit and watch things. He talked to himself happily the entire time. :)

This is just to remind everyone that Deklan has the most gorgeous eyelashes, ever. This is his "I miss Daddy" face. He starts to get pouty around 3:00 PM if Ty isn't home yet. 

 Ah! His eyes! So gorgeous.

Look at that smile!! He melts me. He is so sweet. :)

That's all for today...

Tuesday, September 25

Riding the Tractor

Ty's Dad has been away a lot this Summer for work, up to three weeks at a time. The last time he was away, Tyler borrowed his Dad's tractor, to help get firewood put into the basement. It goes a lot quicker using a loader bucket than it does using a wheelbarrow!

Deklan absolutely loves Grandpa's tractor. Having it parked in our backyard for two weeks was like heaven! Every morning he would look out his toy room window to make sure "Poppa's tractor" was still there.

Deklan had to tell me about it every day that it was there, too.
"Mommy! Mommy! Poppa's tractor!"
"Yes, baby, I see Grandpa's tractor. It's very nice, isn't it."
"What colour is Grandpa's tractor?"
"Red tractor!" :)

Last night, Tyler went to take his Dad's tractor back, and Deklan of course had to go, too.

Deklan has taken a real dislike to my camera lately, but he was so happy to be driving the tractor with Daddy that he actually smiled for the picture! It makes me happy to see his smile.

Monday, September 24

An Unexpected Rekindling

I was done with blogging.

No really, I was. I hadn't thought about my blog in a very long time.

Then, yesterday, or maybe the day before, my Mom asked me when I was going to write a new blog.  I said "Never!" because I'm a brat like that.

Despite my brattiness, our conversation did get me thinking about my blog, again. Today I spent over an hour just scrolling through my old posts, smiling and re-living the days and the moments I had written about.

So, I decided to take it up again. I always enjoyed blogging, and I really do love to go back and read the posts from years ago, especially the ones about Deklan (who is now three years old, for those of you who used to read my blog faithfully in the oldendays!)
I would really regret it if I didn't chronicle Reid's early years, I think.

Deklan is three, and Reid, my baby, is 10 months. Yikes! Reading that made my heart jump. Just two more months and he'll be a year old! Yowza.

He's such a bright, happy, sunny baby. He lights up my life and brings me so much joy, every day.

Deklan is as fiery as ever! He's opinionated, imaginative, sweet & sensitive. He still loves trucks and tractors... well, anything with wheels and a motor, really.

They are quickly becoming the best of friends. Reid adores Deklan, and is content to sit and watch him play. Deklan likes to include Reid in his playtime, and even gives him toys so he can be part of the action. Reid doesn't do much more than chew on the toy, but that's apparently good enough for Deklan! ;)

I have much more to tell you. I'm actually excited to keep going!

Hello, Blogverse, my old friend.

(Especially for Adeena, here are some pictures!! :D)