Monday, November 23

I ♥ Faces "Sun Flare"

This week at I ♥ Faces, the challenge is to capture a sun flare in your photo!

Last week my son had his 3 month birthday! To mark the occasion, I wanted to get a portrait of Deklan with his Daddy. In our backyard, I took tonnes of photos, and when I was processing them I noticed that this one had sun flare in it! It's small and subtle, and I like it.

Go to I Heart Faces to see more sun flare photos! I'm sure they will be amazing!

Wednesday, November 18

More pics from today....

I wish I had done this yesterday, I would have used one of these in the I Heart Faces photo challenge! It was too stinking windy yesterday. Today was gorgeousness.

Oh well.... Linda is beautiful, too.

Fall is Hilarious!

According to my 3 month old son, a big pile of leaves is like a barrel full of monkeys! As fun as a - wait, I've misused my metaphor. What was I saying?

Leaves are fun. Yessir!

Even to 3 month old babies whose opinion on what is funny excludes everything except for being bent in half having your toes touch your nose.

He'll expand it someday.

Tuesday, November 17

I Heart Faces "Autumn Beauty"

This week at I Heart Faces, the challenge is Autumn Beauty!

I had absolutely ZERO Autumn pictures on my computer. None. Nada.
The leaves changed and fell so quickly that I didn't even get a picture of my trees this year!
Oh well, I'll be better next year.

Yesterday my son had his 3 month birthday! I wanted some pictures of me with him, so I asked my sister Linda if she could take some for me today. And, since she was over anyways, I asked her to model for me so I could have an Autumn photo to enter! She obliged, but we had to hurry because Mom had to go to town, so I snapped about 6 photos, and this one was the best.

Thank you Linda, for being a willing participant!

Go to I Heart Faces to see more Autumn photos!

Monday, November 16

Deklan is 3 months old!

I'm the greatest!

Just too cute. Too cute for words.

Mommy and Deklan

Deklan on Daddy's shoulders, not too sure he likes it up there....

Deklan and Daddy by the woodpile.

I can't believe that 3 months ago today, I was in the hospital, giving birth to our son. It's crazy that only three months have gone by since then!

My big boy is so strong, he holds himself up so well. He sits up without any assistance (although he does fall over after a few minutes). He laughed big belly laughs November 5th when I touched his toes to his nose, he thought it was hilarious! But he's been reluctant to laugh since then. He talks and talks, telling me everything on his mind. He LOVES his Daddy, and he LOVES his Mommy.

We love him! We can't get enough of him. He's such a wonderful little guy. We are so very, very blessed!

Monday, November 9

My Story In Photos: “Thankfulness”

This week at I Heart Faces, it's all about Thankfulness! What are we thankful for?

I'm thankful for my husband. I'm grateful that I met him, and married him just over 2 years ago.

I'm thankful for my pregnancy, that it was healthy and relatively free of nasty symptoms like nausea.

I'm thankful that I live in a time where something like pre-eclampsia is treatable.

I'm grateful for my husband, who was so supportive, and for the relatively easy labour and delivery of my healthy, 7 lb 1 0z son!

I'm thankful for red hair.

I'm thankful for wood, to burn in our furnace, to keep us snuggly warm through the winter.

I'm grateful that I have a husband who is capable of cutting, stacking, and lugging said wood around.

I'm also thankful he isn't afraid of heights, so he can do things that I would never be able to do, like caulking windows.

Last but not least, I'm thankful for blue eyes.

Go spend some time getting to know other people!

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Tuesday, November 3

Funny Faces

Welcome to my laaaaiir!

I am only mildly amused with you and your attempts to get me to smile by making noise and funny faces.

I wonder if I can dive off the couch before Mom can catch me.... (the answer was YES)

There is something awfully suspicious going on around here!
Who's this stripey guy?

Mom, I think we have some kind of infestation going on... these eight-legged guys are all over the place.

Ahh, babies are fun.

Monday, November 2

Cutest, chubbiest, yummiest little legs ever!

My son's, of course.

He is just so adorable. There are no words to measure his adorableness.

His little leg is none the worse for wear, being cooped up in a cast for three weeks. It did stink a little, but a nice bath cured that right up.

Ahhhh.... so nice to see both legs again. The cast was cute, but not as cute as his little leg!

He loves to kick, that's for sure. He was getting quite good at kicking his leg with the cast on, but it's better without.

At the hospital, the doctor cut his cast off with a scary-sounding saw that is actually not that scary (he held it to his own finger to show it doesn't cut skin), but taped it back together "just in case" while we waited for the X-ray. The X-ray technician took it off, and as he was taking it off he said "The only worry is if he can't straighten out his leg. Sometimes they can't and that's a problem---" and as the cast came off, my little Ducky started kicking away! His eyes got SO big as he realized the cast was off and his leg was much lighter! I was so happy to see him get so excited.

The dreaded cast was put back on one last time, so the Doctor could see the X-ray and judge whether or not he was healed enough for it to come off for good. I was nervous, thinking to myself that I would be SO disappointed if he had to have another cast on, but I worried for no reason! The Doctor said he was healed enough for the cast to be off! There was still a little crack in the middle of the bone, but there was sufficient bone growth on the outside for a non-weight-bearing little leg.


Hopefully, that will be Deklan's first and LAST cast!

Evening to Morning,

I still gots to smile!!

This was taken Saturday night, after the Scary Party (which went really well, by the way, but I was really busy and my camera was a jerk so I got NO (seriously, NO) good pictures.) Deklan was all smiles for Daddy.

Anyone who got good pictures, can you send me a copy? I would love you forever if you did..

Yesterday morning, it was the same thing.

More smiles for Daddy. Isn't that so sweet?

Deklan loves his Daddy, and I'm so glad. It took him a long time to smile at Daddy after he started smiling at Mommy (he even smiled at Granny, Aunt Heather and midwife Rebekah first!) but now, as soon as Daddy comes in the door he holds Deklan and has a good long talk with him. Deklan loves it.

For those of you who read my blog who don't have the same grandparents as me (because ya'll already know) Deklan's cast came off last Friday! And there was much rejoicing. YAY!

It's already made a world of a difference. I'm going to post again later, with pictures of Deklan's perfectly healed, yummy chubby little legs!