Sunday, March 27

I ♥ Faces - Slice of Life

More often than not, I post happy smiling pictures of my baby boy on my blog.
However, life isn't always happiness and sunshine. Sometimes, it stinks. ;)

Little man did not want to come inside, even though we had been outside for almost 2 hours. 

That was one of the warm days that teased us with thoughts of Spring, before Old Man Winter woke up and decided to shake his beard one more time..... the stodgy old bastard.

Go see more slices of life at i heart faces. :)

Wednesday, March 16

19 months! :)

D-man is 19 months old today! :)

And for once, I actually took his month pictures on the correct day! Yay, me!

(This one is all blurry, but it was too ridiculously cute not to share...)

And, this is what happens when a 19 month old who loves being outside is told that it's time to go inside. Le sigh...

But, this is what happens when said 19 month old (after playing outside for 1 1/2 hours) gets inside and sits on Daddy's lap in the rocking chair...


Anyway, I've been sick all week, and am starting to feel better today (yay!) but my write-o-meter isn't up to 100% yet, so I'm afraid this is all you get. 

Oh, quit whining... just scroll up and look at the cuteness again. You'll be a'ight. 

Edit: Or... scroll down and look at cuteness. :D

This is last March 16th (back when I was really good at actually taking his month birthday pics on his month birthday) when D-man was 7 months old. 

Wasn't he just SO precious???? 

I swear I just started lactating again. Bad girls, bad!

Such a sweet baby.....

Happy sigh... :)

Saturday, March 12

I need a sick day. Or, how I'm a selfish ingrate.

Just every once in a while, it would be nice if there were 'sick days' to take off from parenthood just like there are 'sick days' you can take from work.

Because when my head is achy, I really don't want to listen to Deklan crying when Daddy takes away the T.V. remote.

When my nose is stuffy, I want to curl up in a blanket with some hot tea, not entertain a fussy 18 month old.

When I have a mild fever, I really really realllly don't want to read any baby books. I just don't. Even when the baby that's asking me to read his book for him is the most adorable baby ever.

And when I'm coughing and sneezing and my nose is dripping uncontrollably I don't want to get up -again- to get Deklan away from another stupid fly that's coming out of Winter hibernation and buzzing around on the floor. Sigh.

Tyler tries to help, but he can only do so much, since Deklan is going through a "I hate Daddy" phase. Daddy's not allowed to do anything. Mommy do. Mommy do. Argh....

It would be nice to say "I'm sick today! I can't come in... la la la." and someone else will magically take care of my baby for me.

This is teaching me patience, though... right? That's something, anyway. I guess.


Ty was sick last week, Deklan was sick Wed/Thurs/Friday, I've felt sick since last night and all of today, so hopefully by tomorrow night I'll feel better. Because if I don't, I'll probably have to call the whaaambulance.

Ah.... it's not so bad. I just feel like complaining.  

Tired, Grumpy & Nose-Fountainey,


Tuesday, March 8

i heart faces "Best Face Photo from February 2011"

My baby boy, watching his Daddy clean out the driveway with the snow-blower.

Go to i heart faces to see more! :)

Tuesday, March 1

Random Drawings from 2008

I left my journal on the couch last night, and this morning D-man grabbed it and the pen that was with it and started doodling, and was quite upset when I took it away from him. So, being the problem solver that I am, I went to get him something else to colour on.

That is how I found my old sketchbook, sitting under a pile of papers in my art supplies cupboard.

These drawings are all from 2008, and they are all mine so no takey or touchy without express permission from myself, the artist, Sarah Fenton. So there, artwork stealing people.

I need to start drawing again. I haven't drawn anything in months.... it's kind of funny, considering that's all I ever used to do. ;)