Sunday, March 27

I ♥ Faces - Slice of Life

More often than not, I post happy smiling pictures of my baby boy on my blog.
However, life isn't always happiness and sunshine. Sometimes, it stinks. ;)

Little man did not want to come inside, even though we had been outside for almost 2 hours. 

That was one of the warm days that teased us with thoughts of Spring, before Old Man Winter woke up and decided to shake his beard one more time..... the stodgy old bastard.

Go see more slices of life at i heart faces. :)


  1. Awww, I know this so well! Great shot and your husband doesn't look much happier to be headed inside! LOL

  2. Love your husband's face. He looks so thrilled. :)

  3. That is so funny- because all us moms know that these things happen all too often.

  4. God makes them cute on purpose so that we don't stuff them in a closet when they are unhappy with us.

  5. Love this pic...such a great capture of a moment that we all know. Dad's face is just as priceless. And I really love your description of winter. Made me laugh right out loud!


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