Tuesday, June 23


Last Sunday, also known as Father's Day, also known as Linda's Birthday (Happy Birthday, Lin! Woooooo!) Tyler and I went to a Rodeo.

It was a LOT of fun! I've never been to a rodeo before, so it was very interesting for me.

Sunday was so extremely hot, though. I was silly that day, because at my house, it was kind of chilly... so I wore pants and a t-shirt to the Rodeo. I should have known better. At the Rodeo, it was so sweltering that within minutes I was too hot to live! Well, almost too hot to live. Luckily my sister-in-law had an umbrella, which I cowered under for the better part of the two hours. We were on the highest possible seat on the bleachers, too, and thanks be to God there was a cool breeze. It definitely saved me... I wouldn't have been able to stay for the whole thing if I didn't have that umbrella and that breeze.

My favourite event was the Pole Bending (at least I think that's what it was called...) It was amazing how fast those horses and riders could move around the 5 poles that were set up.

The host was very apologetic that day, because for many of the events, no one could beat the steers or horses! A lot of the cowboys walked away with nothing. The host kept on saying "There's just something in the air today, folks" or "Some days all these cowboys get is your applause, that's the way it is with live rodeo".

The fun thing was, it made everyone so much more excited when someone actually did what they attempted to do!

"So's your face, Dude!!"

This cowboy didn't fare too well. He barely had a second on the back of the horse before he was bucked off.

The horse kept right on bucking, right around the arena, clearly not too happy about the cowboy being on him for even a second.

Finally he chilaxed, and ran back to the fence to be let out.

Out of the 12 or so cowboys that tried to beat the bronc, only 2 actually stayed on for 8 seconds. The bucking broncos were kicking some cowboy butt! One guy literally.... the horse came down right on top of him, his hoof right on the guy's hip. He had to be helped out of the arena, he couldn't even stand up. Everyone was saying "Ooooh!!! Ouch!"

All in all, it was fun, and I'd like to go to another rodeo. But next time I will be wearing shorts and a tank-top.

Saturday, June 20

Just did yoga and feelin' fine...

I'm so relaxed right now. I feel like I'm melting onto the chair, but at the same time I feel really strong and good. I've been doing prenatal yoga lately, and it's really helping me to stretch and strengthen muscles that haven't been stretched or strengthened in a while.

My posts have been few and far between, lately. I'm not sure exactly why, I think I'm just preoccupied with other things, and blogging has been shoved to the back of the bus. Summer is so crazy busy for everyone, even a pregnant, tired, off-work and at-home bum like me.

Soon I'll post pictures of the progress Ty and I have made in the baby's room. Most of the trim is on, and it looks really spiffy! It should be done by next weekend, for sure, and then we just have our bedroom trim left to finish before we can say we're DONE renovating!! Oh so exciting!

I haven't posted any pictures of my doggies lately, so I decided to let you all see that they're just as cute and gorgeous as ever. Yesterday we sat on the porch and waited for Tyler to get home, enjoying some sunshine and fresh air.

Brady was all out of breath because I was playing with her, chasing her around the yard (as much as a roly poly pregnant lady can chase). She did most of the running, and my pursuit of her was mostly in her head.... she was still happy, though.

Lucy has lost some of her fear of cameras, probably because my new camera doesn't need the flash on to get a clear picture. I love her blue eye! It just gives her such a unique expression.

I love my doggies!

Saturday, June 13

Busy, busy, birthday weekend!

In my family, and Tyler's, there are two months that seem to be chock full o' birthdays!

June is one of them.

We celebrated my nephew Michael's birthday on the 2nd, and little Ava's birthday came not too long after on the 5th. My family got together on the 5th to open cake and eat presents!! Or something like that.

Michael had 5 candles to blow out, and he didn't manage all of them at once! Lots of girlfriends for Mikey.

Ava only had two candles, which is still a lot for such a little one.

Her Mommy had to direct her, because she was more interested in looking at the fire than blowing it out. Little pyro!


Two! Yay, Ava!

Michael was hungry for cake.

But it was present time first!

A Wiggles book! Hurray! Ava is CRAZY about The Wiggles.

Michael is crazy about cake!

Ava likes cake, too. But especially the icing! Yum!

Happy Birthday to Michael & Ava, and also to my Mother-in-law who turned 50 on the 6th!

And there's still plenty of birthdays left! Linda's, Tyler's, Abby's.... crazy!

(Not nearly as crazy as August, though.)

Monday, June 8

On being a lousy blogger

I know I haven't written anything new lately, and everyone is expecting to see pictures and stuff from this weekend, but...

I forgot my camera at my Mother-in-law's house!!

So no new pictures for you, until I get it back.


Thursday, June 4

I'm sleepy

And yet, I cannot sleep.

I don't know if it's a pregnancy thing or a Sarah thing. There used to be nights, long ago and far away before I was pregnant, that I just couldn't sleep through. It's very frustrating to lay in bed and think to yourself "I should be sleeping" and yourself replies "Yeah well too bad, losah! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

I'm stubbornly awake, now, and so I'm going to get a head start on everything I have to do today. Life has been busy lately, what with all the stuff to get ready before Beanie arrives. I've been painting trim for his bedroom almost every day, finally got the first batch done, and now there is more to do. Yay!

Good morning to everyone, whenever your morning starts.