Tuesday, June 23


Last Sunday, also known as Father's Day, also known as Linda's Birthday (Happy Birthday, Lin! Woooooo!) Tyler and I went to a Rodeo.

It was a LOT of fun! I've never been to a rodeo before, so it was very interesting for me.

Sunday was so extremely hot, though. I was silly that day, because at my house, it was kind of chilly... so I wore pants and a t-shirt to the Rodeo. I should have known better. At the Rodeo, it was so sweltering that within minutes I was too hot to live! Well, almost too hot to live. Luckily my sister-in-law had an umbrella, which I cowered under for the better part of the two hours. We were on the highest possible seat on the bleachers, too, and thanks be to God there was a cool breeze. It definitely saved me... I wouldn't have been able to stay for the whole thing if I didn't have that umbrella and that breeze.

My favourite event was the Pole Bending (at least I think that's what it was called...) It was amazing how fast those horses and riders could move around the 5 poles that were set up.

The host was very apologetic that day, because for many of the events, no one could beat the steers or horses! A lot of the cowboys walked away with nothing. The host kept on saying "There's just something in the air today, folks" or "Some days all these cowboys get is your applause, that's the way it is with live rodeo".

The fun thing was, it made everyone so much more excited when someone actually did what they attempted to do!

"So's your face, Dude!!"

This cowboy didn't fare too well. He barely had a second on the back of the horse before he was bucked off.

The horse kept right on bucking, right around the arena, clearly not too happy about the cowboy being on him for even a second.

Finally he chilaxed, and ran back to the fence to be let out.

Out of the 12 or so cowboys that tried to beat the bronc, only 2 actually stayed on for 8 seconds. The bucking broncos were kicking some cowboy butt! One guy literally.... the horse came down right on top of him, his hoof right on the guy's hip. He had to be helped out of the arena, he couldn't even stand up. Everyone was saying "Ooooh!!! Ouch!"

All in all, it was fun, and I'd like to go to another rodeo. But next time I will be wearing shorts and a tank-top.


  1. Love those rodeo pictures!! How fun!! You really got some great shots! Hope the guy who got his literal butt kicked is ok!

    I get cold so easily. I'm always cold in our little apartment! So usually when i leave the house i'll have a light cardigan on, or some kind of wrap. Then I get in my sweltering car, and I'm like... WHAT was I thinking!?? Haha. But it doesn't matter if it's 100 degrees outside-- I always have a jacket with me somewhere. So i can totally see myself making a mistake like that, and everyone thinking I was crazy :)

  2. I LOVE the rodeo. It's fun, isn't it? And yes it is Pole Bending.

    I am soooo peeved I forgot about it this year. However, I WILL be at the Exeter' shizzle!


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