Friday, April 30


Not every day, but most days, Tyler falls asleep on his chair after he gets home from work.

Some days, Ducky happens to fall asleep at the same time.

"Oh no! Don't wake up, baby, you're too cute napping with Daddy!"

He went back to sleep, maybe a little frowny but otherwise just as comfy as before.

I've said it before, but their eyes are THE SAME. Exactly. Except D-man is little and T-man is big.

I am very, very blessed. Oh my yes.

Getting too smart....

This is a new trick Ducky has learned.

I used to be able to trick him into opening his mouth, when he was less than enthusiastic about whatever it was (sweet potatoes, peas, rice cereal, what have you) that I was trying to feed him.

But not anymore.

He refuses -simply refuses- to eat anything that he doesn't see me eating, too.

So, I've been feeding him off my plate a lot more lately.

Bye bye, baby food!

Thursday, April 29

Funny Faces!

Have I ever told you guys that Ducky just kills me sometimes??

He slays me with laughter!!

He does it on purpose, I think!

Standing by my chair, hooting and yapping and making funny faces!

Yep. Death by laughter.

Monday, April 26


We have to enter a photo of a person smiling this week for the i heart faces challenge, and I just have to enter this one of D-man.

He's got a bump on his forehead (part of the perils of learning to stand and trying to walk... poor baby), a bad cold, he's teething, and yet he STILL manages to give Mommy a smile for his 8 month birthday. I'm proud of my tough, smiley little guy.

Go see more smiles!

Saturday, April 24

An old picture....

That I thought was worth saving.

Found it this morning, on the last page of an old notebook I haven't looked at in ages.

The wings are cut off, I realize this, but that's because I was out of paper space. :/

I love to draw, I really should do it more often..... my time is eaten up by being a Mom, and other than that there's knitting, photography, blogging, reading.... ugh. So many hobbies, so little time.

Wrestling with Daddy!

T-man is a good Dad.

He's teaching Ducky how to be tough!

D-man starts out with a War Cry! "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

Then he ATTACKS!

But, Daddy is stronger.

And always gets the better of him.

I say, wait until Ducky is 6'4 and 200 lbs, then try doing that to him, T-man!!

(And yes, I do let my son crawl around in legless onesies because his legs are SO chubby and cute!!!! Guilty as charged!!)

Friday, April 23

Cute Kids

This is Amelia.

Last week, Amelia was at my house overnight. Ducky was happy to have someone to play with, although Amelia didn't really like it when he tried to stand using her as a bracer.

Why was Amelia at my house?

Because of this sweet thing!

This is Brianna, Amelia's baby sister and my newest niece.

What was Ducky's reaction to me holding another baby?

Not impressed. ;)

I think he might want to be an only child.
I say, it's not up to him. HA!

Congratulations to W & M!

Friday, April 16

8 months old!

Ducky is EIGHT months old! Holy zimolians!

He's a crawling and climbing machine, and it won't surprise me if he attempts to make his first steps sooner rather than later! He loves to walk everywhere holding on to our hands for balance, and sometimes he even takes a step or two just holding on to one hand!

He definitely has a big personality, and is quite opinionated. It's a challenge to change his diaper or wipe his nose, he's quite strong and not a fan. :)

He's got two teeth on top almost through, which has made him a grumpy guy lately! He's also been fighting a bad cold, which means he's coughing and sneezing and not sleeping well. Hopefully that will all get cleared up soon, so we can all sleep better!

It's so fun being his Mommy. He's such a quirky little guy!

Thursday, April 15

His Favourite Auntie..?


At the very least, she's a strong contender.

He does love his Auntie Linda.... even if he was at one time afraid of her glasses.

They are so fierce.

Wednesday, April 14

Enjoying the Sunshine

Looking up at the pretty sky...

.... and making sure Mommy is still there!

Tuesday, April 13

Sittin' and Knittin'

My little guy loves to stand by my chair and watch what I'm doing.

Lately, I've been knitting. I made a 10x10 inch square for Lesley, to help her put together a blanket for her Dad who is starting chemo treatments, and now I'm working on a sweater for my niece who is due any day now!

Little guy would prefer if I held him all the time, instead of knit.

But despite the absolute cuteness of that face, I can't just hold him all the time. He would never learn to use his legs!

Saturday, April 10

Fear, Frustration, and Peanut Butter Cookies.

I had such a dorky day yesterday.

By dorky, I mean me. Not the day. Fridays are cool, man..... Tuesdays are a little dorky, though.


My internet is spotty sometimes. It decides not to work, and so doesn't work for a while. I don't usually sweat over it much, because I really don't do that much on the internet anyways, so I just wait until it works again and then go about doing whatever it was I wanted to do. But for the past few days, my internet wasn't working at all. This was no good. There were blogs to read, knitting patterns to find, emails to open, and OH MY who is leading the race for the most goals in the NHL this year?!?! Is it Sidney?? IS IT?!?

Despite the freaking in the previous paragraph, I wasn't actually that worried about it. I was just waiting for it to fix itself.

Then, yesterday, as I was going about my daily routine, Tyler's Grandma called. I was running on the treadmill when the phone rang, and so I was slightly out of breath when I answered. Poor Grandma couldn't hear me at all, between my ape-like grunting and the static and crackling of the phone. I heard something like "Tell Tyler that Dale says-" and then it cut out. Nothing. Nada. Not even a dial tone.

Three times she called, three times I only heard a few words (much interrupted by static) before it just cut out completely. Then, it wasn't working at all.

Of course, since I'm a dork, I assumed there was a murderer lurking outside who had cut my phone lines.

So, I finished my workout on the treadmill with Tyler's chair blocking the door, just in case someone attempted to barge through and murder me.

So of course, since I'm a dork, after I was done on the treadmill I proceeded to sweep the house S.W.A.T. style, with Ducky in one arm, and holding a pair of scissors in the other. Scissors, because if I had carried a knife, that would make me a TOTAL dork.

I took Lucy with me, partly because she's the only dog who knows how to climb the stairs (Big Dumb Brady just never learned) and partly because it helped having someone to watch my back, even if that someone is a 6 lb furball.

I didn't find anything, but that didn't reassure me too much. I've seen way too many thrillers to actually be able to relax, especially since the phone STILL wasn't WORKING.

I showered (with Lucy the guard dog keeping watch), got dressed in a hurry, took Deklan and left the house with the intention of running away to my Mommy's. I wanted to use her phone to call our service provider, but the real reason is that I was too nervous to stay in my scary scary house.

Oh, and just to prove HOW DORKY I really am, I even searched the car before I got in it. Opened the trunk and everything. Just in case someone was laying in wait inside.

Why am I admitting this? I don't even know. Perhaps it will make others feel better about themselves, because they're not little silly scaredy-cats.

Well, there's a happy ending. I called the service provider from Mom's, had a tea with Linda and ate a yummy peanut butter cookie made by Tiana, when I got home Tyler was here already so I felt safe, and the technician came out and fixed the internet (blown modem) and the phone (corroded line), so it's all good.

I like happy endings.

Wednesday, April 7

Little Stinker

Look at him, smiling at me, all proud of himself.

He's such a smartie-pants.

We are going to have to get a baby gate installed.

This is about step 5.

He made it to step 6 before I said "Augh that's enough!!" and brought him down.

He used to only try it when I was going up the stairs... the first time was when I was vacuuming. He would just wait at the bottom of the stairs for me while I vacuumed, but one day he decided he would follow me up. I turned around, and he was three stairs up! I had to run down and catch him before he fell. It freaked me out, man.

What is it with boys and dangerous/disgusting things? Why are his favourite things either electric, covered in dog hair or slobber, tall and rickety, or steep and tumbly?