Tuesday, November 30

24 random things.....

1. 24 was the first number that popped into my head, hence "24 random things."

2. My husband brought home Chapman's Peppermint Stick ice cream today, simply because I mentioned in a conversation last weekend that I liked candy cane ice cream. 

3. I heart my husband. :)

4. I don't like pimples. At all. And I don't understand the people who like to pop them... at all.

5. I love sparkly lights! I decorated my banister today with some pretty light-filled garlands, it looks so nice!

6. I just burped a burp that tasted like candy canes. Excuse me.

7. I miss knitting. Once I'm done this blog post I'm going to go into my living room, dig out my knitting needles & yarn, and I will sit 'n knit while Ty watches the Leaf game.

8. I'm not a huge fan of the Leafs. On a "Meh" scale of 1 to 10, they're a 6. 

9. I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to Christmas tree bulbs... every time I see them on sale or on clearance I pick up a box. Then my husband raises his eyebrow at me as I cry out "They're so PRETTY!!!!" with droplets of drool cascading from my mouth. Send help. 

10. D-man has mastered the art of saying "Bye-bye" while waving 'bye bye'! It's incredibly cute. 

11. I can't hear anyone other than Dean Martin singing 'Walking in a Winter Wonderland' without thinking "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!!!!" Send help.

12. I love Christmas music. Little D and I listened to it all day as we cleaned (well, I cleaned) and decorated (well, I decorated.. but Ducky "helped") and it was really great! Except when some random chick started singing 'Walking in a Winter Wonderland' **see #11** 

13. I love avocado. It's so strange, because I first tasted it when I was a teenager and HATED IT. Yet now it's one of my favourite things. It just goes to show you, teenagers are dumb.  **not all teenagers.... just MOST teenagers. XD

14. We bought D-man a new snow suit on the weekend, and then all the snow melted. So I'm pretty sure my purchasing choices directly affect the fluctuations of weather & nature.    

15. I totally had to look up the difference between "affect" and "effect" right after I wrote #14, and even after looking it up, I'm still not convinced I used the right one. 

16. We watched a movie today that I've seen before, but even though I've seen it before, I still chewed all my fingernails off during the intense & suspenseful moments. D'oh.

17. Even though my feet are cold right now, I still won't put on a pair of socks because they drive me crazy. I hate wearing socks, so, SO much. 

18. I can't wait for Christmas. I think it's going to be a lot of fun, if a busy & stressful day... this year both Tyler and I have to work, and then we have to rush home and have our own Christmas together, then we have to rush all the way to Wayne's new house to have Ty's family Christmas, then we have to rush all the way back to my Mom's to have my family Christmas. Boy when you write it out like that, it really doesn't sound that fun... but I think it will be. Especially if I get some kickin' Christmas tunes to listen to on my MP3 player. XD

19. I'm pretty darn certain my baby boy is the cutest baby boy ever. And I'm darn certain that even if you disagreed, I wouldn't change my mind. Maybe especially if you disagreed, because I'm just obstinate like that.

20. My right arm is slowly falling asleep because my baby boy is laying on it, sound asleep, snoring away like a banshee. Do banshees snore? That's something to ponder...

21. That's how old I was when I got married. Twenty-one. I am no longer twenty-one, but I'm not really sure how old I am most of the time, since I never celebrated my last birthday. Ask me how old I am, and 70% of the time I'll answer "23" and then "Oh, wait..."

22. The Leafs just scored a goal. And not a peep from Ty... so I'm guessing, he's asleep in the other room. ;)

23. I've been sitting here a while, waiting for an idea for "23" to pop into my head. But there's nothing. So, nothing. Nothing is a random thing... isn't it? 

24. Tomorrow I'm going to finish as much Christmas decorating as I can, and this Saturday we are getting our Christmas tree! We're going to one of those "cut your own" places to get it, we were going to go last weekend but then we didn't, and we were going to go Monday but then Wayne said they're only open on the weekend so we didn't, so now we're going this Saturday and we're going to go with Wayne & Michelle and then go back to their place for some hot chocolate and I'm making cupcakes to bring and it's going to be lots of fun!!!!

*THAT was a super run-on sentence. Feel free to release a grammar panda and shoo him in my general direction. 

Tuesday, November 16

15 months! (Already!)

Oh Time, it's a movin'.....

My gorgeous baby boy is fifteen months old! 
He's been sick for the majority of November (darn you, flu season, darn you to heck!) but he started to feel better just in time for his 15 month pictures! He wasn't very interested in the camera today, but I got a few cute ones. :)

Playing with a shovel... he loves to play with all of Daddy's toys (i.e. tools, tractors, shoes, gloves.. whatever Daddy has, Ducky wants.) 

Racing down the driveway because he wants to catch the cars... Oh my, yes, he does. Which, in turn, makes Mommy want to invest in a sturdy dog leash. *Ahem*. 

An adorable baby with not so adorable nose mucous, because he has just gotten over a very bad cold, and hey, snot happens.

Wiped clean! What else are Mommy's sleeves for? *silently dry-heaving while putting on a brave face* 

Apparently does not want to sit still so Mommy can get a picture of his face. Oy vey.... the tantrums. 

This pic is grainy, but I HAD to include it because of his ridiculous eyelashes. And his meltingly good smile. I know meltingly is not a word, but it should be.

And, even though this was from a few weeks ago, it's Ferocious D-man! :) Isn't he so cute?! Of course he is! I didn't really need to ask that, but I did anyway.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get a 15 month old spitfire to sit still for a few seconds? I've tried capturing his attention with toys, whistling, stupid noises, funny dances... with minimal success.

I don't know how those child portrait photographers do it. I really don't. ;)

Monday, November 8

i heart faces "Orange"

I love the colour orange... if it weren't for the colour green, orange would be my favourite colour.
I think my little man looks great in orange, there's just something about orange that makes blue eyes pop! ;)

This picture is from Ducky's 14 month pictures taken a couple weeks ago.  It was a bright, sunny, but WINDY day, so we sat on the front porch out of the worst of the wind and he cuddled up to the pumpkin that I put on the stair.


Go see more at i heart faces

Tuesday, November 2


All three of us are sick.

Tyler succumbed first... he started feeling unwell around lunchtime yesterday, and by the time we got home from work, he had a raging fever, chills, headache, and sinus congestion. Because when he gets sick, he doesn't play around. The man gets SICK. SICK Sick. He definitely does not feel "under the weather", he IS the weather. His nose is the raincloud, his head is the thunderclap, his body is the inferno/cold snap.

I was feeling fine, but before bed my nose suddenly became plugged beyond all reason, I couldn't clear it even with the help of some nasal spray (which tasted -yes, tasted- suspiciously like pool water. Methinks the pharmaceutical company just recycles old pool water and bottles it... gross!) and this morning I woke up with a huge headache and sore throat.

D-man was up all night, hacking and coughing.... spent a lot of time trying to rock him back to sleep.

Ty was really hot (but not in a good way, in a sweaty and fevered way) and yet he still insisted on stealing my half of the blanket away and wrapping himself up like a giant, fevered, and sweaty cocoon.

Have I ever mentioned that my duvet is white?

Should I maybe not tell you that it is yellow now?

Can you guess why? (Hint: Think armpit sweat stains on white shirts.)

Oh, by the way, although I am usually a very "natural means" home cleaner (vinegar, baking soda, ENJO, etc.) when it comes to sweat stains, bleach is my friend. Good gravy is bleach ever my friend. Is that sentence grammatically correct? Do I care?

Man, I have a lot of questions.Questions that don't want answers. 

In happier, more delicious news, I'm making lasagna. Why? Because I was going to make chicken soup (full of chickeny goodness, and garlic, and chicken stock, and garlic, and noodles.. because it's basically cold remedy in a bowl, that's why) but I don't have any chicken. But I did have ground beef, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and a package of gluten-free lasagna noodles. 

Mmmm I can smell it cooking... yes, my sinuses have cleared.. it's already working!

If lasagna doesn't have cold-fighting power, I don't want to hear it. Just let me believe in the healing powers of melted cheese, and I'll be happy.

What's your favourite cold remedy? Do you have one? Is it lasagna?

Have fun being not sick, ya jerks... just kidding, you're not jerks, I am. Well, I'm not really... just a little. Just when I grumble about being sick and then get jealous that you're not sick. I did feel a little jerky, there.... but I'm over it.

I'll be better tomorrow... I hope.