Tuesday, November 2


All three of us are sick.

Tyler succumbed first... he started feeling unwell around lunchtime yesterday, and by the time we got home from work, he had a raging fever, chills, headache, and sinus congestion. Because when he gets sick, he doesn't play around. The man gets SICK. SICK Sick. He definitely does not feel "under the weather", he IS the weather. His nose is the raincloud, his head is the thunderclap, his body is the inferno/cold snap.

I was feeling fine, but before bed my nose suddenly became plugged beyond all reason, I couldn't clear it even with the help of some nasal spray (which tasted -yes, tasted- suspiciously like pool water. Methinks the pharmaceutical company just recycles old pool water and bottles it... gross!) and this morning I woke up with a huge headache and sore throat.

D-man was up all night, hacking and coughing.... spent a lot of time trying to rock him back to sleep.

Ty was really hot (but not in a good way, in a sweaty and fevered way) and yet he still insisted on stealing my half of the blanket away and wrapping himself up like a giant, fevered, and sweaty cocoon.

Have I ever mentioned that my duvet is white?

Should I maybe not tell you that it is yellow now?

Can you guess why? (Hint: Think armpit sweat stains on white shirts.)

Oh, by the way, although I am usually a very "natural means" home cleaner (vinegar, baking soda, ENJO, etc.) when it comes to sweat stains, bleach is my friend. Good gravy is bleach ever my friend. Is that sentence grammatically correct? Do I care?

Man, I have a lot of questions.Questions that don't want answers. 

In happier, more delicious news, I'm making lasagna. Why? Because I was going to make chicken soup (full of chickeny goodness, and garlic, and chicken stock, and garlic, and noodles.. because it's basically cold remedy in a bowl, that's why) but I don't have any chicken. But I did have ground beef, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and a package of gluten-free lasagna noodles. 

Mmmm I can smell it cooking... yes, my sinuses have cleared.. it's already working!

If lasagna doesn't have cold-fighting power, I don't want to hear it. Just let me believe in the healing powers of melted cheese, and I'll be happy.

What's your favourite cold remedy? Do you have one? Is it lasagna?

Have fun being not sick, ya jerks... just kidding, you're not jerks, I am. Well, I'm not really... just a little. Just when I grumble about being sick and then get jealous that you're not sick. I did feel a little jerky, there.... but I'm over it.

I'll be better tomorrow... I hope.



  1. :( Being sick sucks. I hope you keep it to yourself. :P

    I *WISH* I could use lasagna as a cold remedy!!! I would so do it. Like, in a heartbeat. ;)

  2. 5,000 units of vitamin D per day is my anti-getting-sick remedy. I only take it Fall & Winter.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Being sick gives you time to relax. However much that sucks.


    RELAX. :) Get well soon.

  4. Your family is absolutely beautiful!
    I hope you feel better soon. ((hugs))


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