Wednesday, October 27

14 Months!

I am having a lot of trouble uploading these pictures today. I don't like the new blogger picture uploader, I think the old one was WAY better. :/

BUT, I will not fail! I will try again and again until these pictures are up!

Here we go......

Aha! Looks like it's working!
The first one is from yesterday's "Pink" photo shoot, I just loved his expression so much I had to include it. :)

The rest are from this morning. I know it's not technically his 14 month birthday, but I took his 13 month pictures last month around this time, sooo... It's all good.

Fourteen months old! My baby boy! 

Deklan loves to laugh and play, he's still a bundle of energy all day long. The only time he stops is when he sleeps. ;) 

He's really starting to talk, now, too.. he can say Mum-ma (That's me! *grin*), Da-da (Daddy), Day-dee (Brady), Tookie (cookie), Pup-pup (puppy), Pawpaw (Grandpa), Baw (ball), Tee-tee (Kitty), and he copies animal noises (Grrrr), and tractor noises (Brrrrummmmm)! He also says "Mmmmmm!" when he eats something really tasty.

He loves his cousins, he has so much fun with the bigger kids, and his BFF is Hannah. They are great buddies! He loves his little cousins, too, baby Brianna and baby Aryanah. He gives them kisses and hugs, sometimes a little too enthusiastically! Poor babies! ;)

He loves animals, especially dogs. He's starting to learn how to pet them gently instead of pulling their fur, which makes Lucy happy I'm sure.

He gives awesome hugs and kisses, but only when he's in the mood to do it! If I ask for one, and he doesn't want to, he gives me the cold shoulder. Ouch. ;)

Deklan, you are so loved. Happy 14 months! Love, Mommy.


  1. I love his fly-away hair. :D

    The one where he's sitting looking at the pumpkins is absolutely adorable!! :D

    Yay for starting to talk!

    Hannah's BBFF is Deklan. (That's Best Baby Friend Forever. ;) I think she's a huge fan of her sister, too.)

  2. Aww!

    Bff's are awesome! Wait until 10 years from now and you take a step back and baby's 11!!

    That sucks. :)

  3. The last shot has a cool artistic flair too it - you could edit it to look like it is an old picture, and I think it would suit that!

    Deklan definitely has distinctly different features than Charlie, but often I see Charlie in his face (especially when the picture is low res, like in my blogger feed). Some genes are showing through!


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