Saturday, October 9


It's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, a time to pause and  to think about what we  should be thankful for.

So, in no particular order, I'm thankful for

~baby boys 
~strong manly arms (not mine, although I could still kick Daniel's bum.. ha! Inside joke. Yep. One of thooooooose things that everyone looooves.)
~nephews & neices
~my home
~squiggly lines
~answering machines
~blue paint
~the guys that pick up my recycling and take it away forever 
~my camera
~warm fuzzy socks
~flannel pajamas
~cute baby bums
~cute baby toes
~cute baby hands
~cute baby smiles
~diamond rings
~rice flour
~and, wine. Especially when my hands are sore.

What are you thankful for?

I give thanks for my son, who was a hoot today at the big family Thanksgiving gathering. He made everyone smile with his busyness and friendly nature, he's a little punk! And I love him. Here's a few pics from today....


Those were the best ones! My camera was really acting up. Not sure why.... it kept switching the white balance on me, the silly thing. I had to edit every picture. :P

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! :)


  1. You didn't mention the duck man.


    I have many thoughts on what I'm thankful for, I'll share them later. :)

  2. ^ Yes she did. Baby boys are first!! ;)

    Good list. I should make one, too.

  3. Oh, I'm SOOOO copying this idea for "real Thanksgiving." LOL! Just kidding! Well, not about stealing your idea...just the real thanksgiving thing. HA! Great post - I love it! :-) Thanks for your sweet comments about Livia too. Those shots weren't perfect, but boy did I work for them! :-)


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