Saturday, October 23

9:08 AM

... is when I started writing this.

When will I finish? I don't know. Because there are a lot of distractions a happenin'.... I'm feeding a 14 month old baby his breakfast, which means that at any time I will have to dodge a surprisingly speedy throw of either a piece of pancake, a plastic utensil, or an empty but still sticky yogurt cup. Also, said baby may at any time begin to complain -loudly- because he's finished with his breakfast, and how dare I leave him for .2 seconds in his high chair when he's FINISHED his BREAKFAST.

Also, I have pancakes in the pan, which are probably burnt right now...... 

Yep. Burnt.

Those dots were the written equivalent of me running to the stove thinking "Crap crap crap" and finding two very, very black bottomed pancakes. Oh well, the pancakes weren't that tasty anyway. I've made better.

Tyler is working today, and after he's done at work he's planning on going to the bush. So in the next three hours, I have to make some soup to take for his lunch, I have to bake cookies (not really a HAVE to as much as a NEED to... those chocolate chips have been staring at me for days) I have to vacuum the house and really should mop it but it won't get that far today, I have to bath a stinky sticky baby, I have to do dishes, I have to... well, there's a lot of stuff.

Bathing the baby just became number one on the list, because D-man has figured out how to wiggle his leg out and stand up in his highchair. Sigh.

Hopefully I will be able to post his 14 month pictures later today, after we get home from the bush. :)

Have a good weekend!

(it's now 9:17 AM, not too bad for time...)


  1. Nice. ;)

    Busy morning.

    I have a massive list of stuff to do... and yet, here I sit.

    I'm going to get at it... really... I mean it... watch me go... ;)

  2. Hee hee heeee!!! XD

    Totally understand. I have one thing scratched off my list, the baby is bathed, but right after his bath he decided to poop in his brand new clean diaper. So now I have to change his bum. Sigh.... doesn't matter that he had a poopy diaper BEFORE I bathed him.... that was really full... but apparently not full enough.

    It's so hard to get moving some mornings!! I don't know why. Maybe because it's a cloudy day... ;)

  3. You seriously need to write a book or something. You crack me up! Every time I leave your blog I just feel happy. (Not because I'm LEAVING... - lol!!!, but you know what I mean). :-)

  4. Cloudy yucky grey day equals no energy.

    I did not a thing except the bare essentials on Sunday, it was a good break.

    And now Monday is here and oh boy am I suffering. :P


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