Saturday, February 26

My girls! :)



I think dogs are like kids in some respects... they depend on you for food, shelter, love, attention... they want your approval, they get sad if you're sad, and are excited when you're excited.

Dogs have their own personalities, likes and dislikes, and even their own funny quirks or embarrassing idiosyncrasies. At least, they would be embarrassing if dogs were capable of being embarrassed. 

For instance, Brady only has 7 nipples. Yep. I don't know why she only has seven, she should have at least 8, but she doesn't. 6 are all lined up nice and pretty across from each other on her belly, and then at the bottom, is lonely number 1. So sad.

And Lucy, she is an intolerably stuffy princess. She's a dog, but she turns her nose up at the hardwood floor, as if sitting or laying down on the hardwood floor is beneath her royal highney. 

We used to have a doggy bed for her, but since she's a long-haired dachshund it would get so choked with hair that it would make me retch every time I looked at it. Once we had a crawling baby, and crawling baby wanted to curl up in said choked-with-hair & disgusting doggy bed, it was over. Lucy was demoted to the same level that Brady is at, and that level is, you sit on the floor. It's just the way it is. This isn't a democracy, after all.  

The problem is, Lucy is a rebel. She still remembers her days as the Queen of Soft Cushy Things, and any time a couch cushion or a blanket or one of Ducky's onesies falls on the floor, she curls up on it. Until I catch her in the act and take it away.  At which point she gives me an evil glare with her devil eye (the blue one) and disdainfully curls up next to Brady. Because, when all else fails, Brady is softer and cushier than the floor.

That's what true friendship is, after all. When someone will let you sit on them because the floor is too uncomfortable for your sensitive butt, that's friendship. 

That'll do for my "profound statement of the day". You're welcome.

Wednesday, February 23

18 months! :)

He repeats words I say, especially when I'm not expecting it.... no more casual swearing for me. ;)

He plays pretend; he'll wake up in the morning, and before I go get him I hear him making animal sounds "Grrrr" & "Roooawr!" and when I go in to get him, he's pointing at his shelf in his room that is full of his stuffed animals. He especially loves his lion. :)

He's starting to watch T.V., but only really likes a few shows... 'The Wiggles' are a hit, and so is 'Mighty Machines'. He dances and tries to sing with The Wiggles, and when Mighty Machines is on, he stands and claps and says "Brummmmmm bbbb bbbbb brummmmmm".

He's learned that when food is hot, you blow on it to cool it down.

He likes to sing, he sings "Baaaah bah bah baaaaaaah" (it's always bah, not la) and makes actual notes. If I'm singing, he starts singing with me.  He likes it when I sing "Head & Shoulders Knees & Toes" and he knows where his eyes are, and his nose. We're working on the rest.

He doesn't really like sitting and reading a book if I'm the one that suggests it, but if he's in a mood to read books he'll bring three to me at once and isn't satisfied until we read all three of them. 

He gives great hugs and kisses.  

He loves playing with his cousins; he's always happy to go to Aunt Heather's on Thursdays. :)

He loves his grandparents.

He loves his Mommy & Daddy.....

..... and we love him. :)


Tuesday, February 22

Listen to your Sports Gut!!!

Especially a 'Sports Gut' who is that cute!!!!

(If you haven't seen the T.V. commercial I am referring to, well then this post won't make much sense. But you can admire the cuteness. Oh my, yes.)

Saturday, February 19

I'd prefer....

..... being sick on Ty's weekend to work.

Being sick on Ty's weekend off, is not so much fun. 

D-man has the flu. He threw up Thursday night, most of the day Friday, and has had recurring fevers & headaches since then. Today, he's better, but not better better. He's still very grumpy and clingy, and wakes up crying from his naps. :(

I can hear him laughing at the dogs in the next room, though... he's kickin' this flu, peeps.

I, however, am feeling woozy and headachey, and just might go collapse on the couch and snooze the night away.  I don't even have the dishes done! Auuugh! Horror of horrors.

You know, I'm a fan of babies... and toddlers, and kids, and heck even big kids, but... oh... I don't like pinchers.  

We went to a Mom-to-Mom sale today, took a look around... Deklan was clingy and fussy, but eventually he let me put him down.  He was looking around at all the people, standing close to me, when a little girl no bigger than him came marching up. She studied him for a minute, and he watched her. She had intense, dark brown eyes. She walked up to my baby boy, and put her little hands on his face.

  I thought "Aww---!" but my brain jumped to conclusions. Before my thought process could finish the "Aww-haw-haw" the little girl started pinching my son's face with all her might! His hands shot up, trying to pull her hands away, and I bent over and tried to -gently- remove her hands from his face, saying "No no, honey, don't pinch! Don't pinch!" 

After what seemed to be an eternity, I got her to let go, and she ran off. Deklan started to bawl, because he was expecting to make a new friend, and instead she tried to rip his face off. I picked him up and hugged him, and kept one eye open, just in-case the little viper baby came back for more.

It took a long time for me to console Deklan... he was so surprised! And it wasn't a nice surprise. :(

I have no idea where her parents were.... there were no adults around except for me and Ty, and moms sitting behind tables, nobody who she could have belonged to. My question is, who lets their 17-19 month old little girl wander around, alone, in a room full of people, allowing her the freedom to walk up to babies she's never met before and pinch their faces!?

In other news, you've probably noticed I don't have Deklan's 18 month pictures up yet. To that I say, he's had the flu all weekend, and I'm currently fighting it, so I'll put them up.... tomorrow for sure. ;)

Thursday, February 17


.... I know ya'll are going through some Ducky-withdrawal. ;)

(And, I didn't take get his 18 month pictures ready for today.... tomorrow for sure.)

Wednesday, February 16

17 months, one month too late.

I didn't take his 17 month pictures today. That would be terrible of me, since today is my son's 18 month birthday.

No, no no.... I took his 17 month pictures quite a while ago, but have so far neglected to put them on my blog because... ah I'm not going to give some paltry attempt at an explanation, I'll just say I've neglected it, and it's time to make it right. 

So here you go.

 (This is his "fake smile" face, which he has been using more and more lately..... It's that pesky Matt Disease, his maternal genes are showing! Ack! Actually, his paternal side has Wayne Disease, so I guess he's euchred either way.)

There's a real smile!!! :)

I don't know where the whole "tongue sticking out" thing comes from.... although he does bear an uncanny resemblance to his Auntie Elena in this picture. ELENA! What have you been teaching my son!!!!! >:[ (pretend mad face, ya'll... i really can't complain if others teach my baby boy bad habits, because i've spent almost half my life instilling bad habits in my nephews, nieces, and little bros and sisters. so technically i deserve it.)

This is his "why aren't you playing trucks with me instead of taking pictures of me with that silly ol' camera?"face. And I couldn't come up with a good enough reason, so I put the camera down and played trucks. It's more fun.

Tomorrow I'll post his 18 month pictures. I know, I know..... you don't have to tell me. Mom blogger/photographer of the year, I am NOT. ;)

His 17th month whizzed by, he's 18 months old already, and I'm all like ":-o" over it all. He's had a rough week so far, he has a super bad bum rash (methinks he might have snagged one of his cousin's wheat-y snacks at Grandma's on Monday, because his bum is blistered... youcha) and he's been a bit clingy, but that's okay. I can handle having extra cuddles and hugs and kisses, really. :) 

I'll tell you more about him tomorrow for his 18 month pictures. Because I haven't eaten supper yet and I'm all out of steam tonight, folks. 

(There, Linda! ;) )


Tuesday, February 1

I ♥ Faces - Best Face of Jan. 2011

Yeah, I forgot the linky was only open on Monday.

*pours ashes on head and sits wearing sackcloth


Well, because I love you, I'm going to share my best face photo of January 2011 with you, and not the community over at I ♥ Faces.  And they are missing out.

I just love everything about this picture, taken January 5th 2011. I love his sweet smile, I love how his hat frames his face, I love it love it love it! This is a picture I'll likely develop and hang on the wall. :)

You could go to i heart faces, and check out all the pictures, but don't go to join in because like me, you are toooooo late.