Wednesday, December 29

My Poor Christmas Tree.... taken down.


BUT, while it was up, it was a very beautiful tree. A very beautiful, slightly crooked (in a had-to-be-tied-against-the-piano-to-prevent-tipping kind of way...) tree.

I love the smell of real trees, but the obsessively clean freak portion of me is very tempted to get an artificial tree next year. I know, I know, BOOO! I'm booing myself. I just dislike the mess a real tree makes... the sap, the needles... oh sweet Georgia the NEEDLES! 

I highly doubt I will ever get an artificial tree though.... just because I'm obstinate.. I've said in the past that I will NEVER get a fake tree, so I'm going to stick to that. 

I love decorating the tree... I use silver ribbon, pretty white lights and white, silver, green, blue, and golden glass bulbs. It's so pretty! :)

So pretty!

This is my first, and probably only, attempt at holiday bokeh. It's my wreath, hanging on the wall of my living room, where my wedding portrait usually hangs.

I think it turned out pretty good....

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas, and hope you have a Happy New Year! :)