Friday, August 10

It's very late, so late that it can also be described as early. 12:36 a.m.


This is what happens, though, when you have a nearly 9 month old baby boy who is going through an intense growth spurt.... he nurses every hour, on the hour, or more, which makes it exceedingly difficult to get anything done around the house. Therefore, any tasks that need attention must be paid attention to later on in the day, once the hungy little man is sleeping.

I finally got Reid to sleep at about 11:00 p.m. Since then, I've done the dishes, cleaned my bathroom, had a shower, and of course sat at my desk to shut the laptop down and wound up playing two games of chess against the computer. Then somehow, the internet got opened, and I needed to play another round in my online Scrabble game. And then I ended up on youtube (somehow! I don't even know!) and then finally, I realized that I hadn't even glanced at my blog in months. Months! So I knew, it was time.

Time to write a blog.

So here it is.

Goodnight. Or, I should say, Good Morning.