Sunday, December 28

The storms have gone, for now, and the wind & rain have reduced the mountainous snowdrifts to piddly little strips. Tyler is glad, but I think Brady would have liked it better to have snow go over her head when she walked outside. She's a nutcase like that.

My snowman hanging on the door got a first-hand look at the changes in weather the past few days. He says the wind last night was freaky. It certainly woke me up.

This is a picture of Tyler from a few days ago, when the storm was so bad. He hadn't even started blowing the laneway out, he was so snow-covered just by walking outside.

I'll put up some Christmas pictures soon... I'm just being lazy right now. It's hard not to feel lazy when you woke up at 6:00, your stomach absolutely growling with hunger.

Monday, December 22

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let in snow.....


One of the worst snowstorms I have seen in ages is currently wreaking havoc around my home.

Snow was coming up from under the floor in our back room. Oh yeah. Snow. Through the INSULATED floor.

We had to unhook my newly-leveled washer, and pull it into the kitchen so it could thaw. We put antifreeze into the sink and toilet, so that they wouldn't crack.

We left the back room door open, so that our poor furnace could try it's darndest to get that icebox warm again.

Tyler had to get up in the middle of the night to throw more wood into the furnace, something he can normally leave for twelve hours at a time. Not only that, but the loverly wind has completely covered our wood pile with a behemoth of a drift.

And now, we're stuck at home, afraid to try to make it to work, because though my car can make it through quite a bit of snow, it can't make it through a sea of snow.

Thank Goodness we believe in God's sovereignty, or we'd be freaking out right now!

But we're not. We're okay, we're just waiting to see what happens.

I'm going to make myself a tea. Phoof.

Saturday, December 20

It's Christmastime!

Brady, at least, still occupies the seat at my feet.
(See my cool pink pants? They are so comfy!)

I decorated my Christmas tree this year all by myself. Just like last year. And probably next year..... It's just not Tyler's thing. He does the cold stuff outside like putting up or taking down Christmas lights. I'm cool with that.

Besides, I'm so fussy and meticulous about my tree, I probably wouldn't even enjoy him helping me anyways! It's going to be difficult when I have kids someday.... they're going to want to put stuff on, and I'll be like "NAY, villian! Get thee away from my Christhamath Tree!"

No I won't... I'll be nice.

It's just so exciting! A Christmas tree is like a girl, waiting to get ready before her nighttime event! No makeup yet, no sparkly jewelery yet.....

Once that jewelery goes on though, she just starts to feel so pretty!

But the makeup is definitely what makes it all work. The colour, the delicate touches... ah. Such finery.

Would YOU let your two year old (or husband) put your makeup on for you? Well that's how I feel about decorating my Christmas tree! It's going to be hard to let go.

My tree is so pretty. It adds such a warm, festive feel to my home. I'm so ready for Christmas now, especially because I have all my presents wrapped now.

Feliz Navidad, everyone!

Friday, December 12


Oh, December, you have been crazy. Most crazy.

Here's a rundown of what you've been to me....

1. weekend working
2. mother's birthday
3. family christmas
4. poochy's birthday
5. late days shovelling
6. tree hunting
7. wood staining
8. gift purchasing
9. almost accidents
10. dance recital
11. house cleaning
12. decorating
13. little bit of whining (I want my Christmas lights up... is that too much to ask?)

So it's been busy.

I tried to write a blog for mom's birthday, but blogger was acting funny and all my words were coming out backwards. So instead of crazy words it was yzarc sdrow. And then I've just been lazy throughout the whole of December so far. Well, not lazy... just disinclined to blog.

Now I will go through my list (unlucky number 13.... ack) and explain it a wee bit, just so you think I'm putting a bit of effort in. Sheesh, picky people.

Number One: I don't like working weekends, and this past weekend was a busy one. We had a family Christmas to go to on Saturday the 6th (which meant waking up an hour earlier, and there was much rejoicing...) and on Sunday we got stuck on the work road, because the plows never fail to not plow the road. They (the plow drivers) were sleeping in on Sunday, cozy and snuggly in their nice warm beds, while I dug around our car as Tyler crawled around on his stomach looking for somewhere solid to hook a chain to so that the farmer with his tractor could pull us out. I'm not a huge fan of the snow plows in our area.

Number Two: Mom's birthday was last Saturday! Happy Birthday Mom! Heather had a party for her on Sunday, so we got to celebrate with her even though we were away all day on her real birthday.

Number Three: Tyler's Uncle Gary baked me a gluten-free pumpkin pie for the Donaldson family Christmas. Hurray, Uncle Gary! Now I know why you're Tyler's favourite Uncle. You just might be my favourite Uncle, if you keep those pies coming my way. Any Uncles that have a problem with that can send me a pie in a box, and I'll make my decision after I consume them.

Number Four: Brady's birthday was December 9th. I was going to make a cake (because anybody's birthday is a good excuse to bake a cake) but I didn't because I wasn't feeling good. Stupid getting no sleep on the weekend. Anyways, she's a year old, and officially not a puppy anymore. It's gross. She's all done that leaking now, thank goodness.

Number Five: Due to the incredible amount of snowfall we've had lately, the bosses at work had us all get up on the roof of the barn and push the snow off with shovels and great big scoops. It was fun, in a terrifying "Oh please don't let me slide off the roof" kind of way. I only slipped a few times, but never right off. Phew.

Number Six: We didn't actually hunt for a tree, I just saw that the corner store had some, so I bought one there that looked pretty good. We have to cut the bottom foot off, and the rest of it is a really nice, even tree. Hurray!

Number Seven: We're almost done our back room. All that's left is the fiddly piddly stuff, which meant we needed to stain and varnish a few more pieces of wood to finish up the trimmings. Varnish stinks. Don't varnish anything, ever. Seriously.

Number Eight: I went shopping two days ago, and I HATE shopping. Luckily I was able to escape the hordes and masses of stressed-out, barely coherent people without injury.

Number Nine: I was almost home Wednesday night, going through the intersection, following a car with a car following me, six cars in the opposite lane, when out of nowhere this MORON came running through traffic, and not running fast. I had to slam on my breaks, the guy behind me had to slam on HIS brakes, the road was SLIPPERY, and I was freaking, saying "**** **** ****" as I almost clipped the stupid's leg. It was too close for comfort, that's for sure. I was shaking all the way home. Thank you, car behind me guy, for not hitting me.

Number Ten: Emma and Becky had a practice recital Wednesday night. They were TOO cute! Tyler and I got to go even though it was supposed to be only for grandparents, because my mom is Granny to both of them, and Emma's Grandma couldn't make it, so there were some extra spots to fill. Not that there was a whole lot of extra space in the dance hall. It was so crowded I almost got clocked in the face by the dance instructor, showing the boys class how to do some hip hop moves! That was a close call, but it was worth it to see my two oldest nieces performing what they've learned. Love you, girlies!

Number Eleven: I cleaned my house on Wednesday, too. It was a busy day! Linda came over for a little while and helped me clean, and then I rewarded her by asking her to help me dig my Christmas stuff out of the spare room closet. Aren't I a nice sister?

Number Twelve: Linda helped me put my decorations up. As I type this, I can see my Christmas moose, sitting on the window sill by the computer desk. I love my moose!

Number Thirteen: I'm hoping Tyler will help me put up the Christmas lights tomorrow. I wrapped some around our bannister, but I don't do ladders, so Tyler needs to be the one to put them up on the front porch. I'll supervise.

And that's it.