Sunday, December 28

The storms have gone, for now, and the wind & rain have reduced the mountainous snowdrifts to piddly little strips. Tyler is glad, but I think Brady would have liked it better to have snow go over her head when she walked outside. She's a nutcase like that.

My snowman hanging on the door got a first-hand look at the changes in weather the past few days. He says the wind last night was freaky. It certainly woke me up.

This is a picture of Tyler from a few days ago, when the storm was so bad. He hadn't even started blowing the laneway out, he was so snow-covered just by walking outside.

I'll put up some Christmas pictures soon... I'm just being lazy right now. It's hard not to feel lazy when you woke up at 6:00, your stomach absolutely growling with hunger.


  1. I love the picture of your beloved Abominable Snowman...I mean Tyler! He looks cozy under all those clothes.

    Wasn't the wind freaky last night? Terrible. It sounded like a train going through.

  2. The wind WAS freaky. It was making my window dance. I thought it was going to shatter.

    And then, of course, the water being blown under the window and up over the sill was kind of hilarious.

    My teddy bears got wet.

  3. The wind got up to 116 km/hour!! I'm so surprised (and thankful!) that we didn't lose any trees. Especially that big one out front that's split in half already.

    Our little shed is looking a little worse for wear though. Sigh.

    And, we had no hydro yesterday, so listening to the wind was all we had to do! That, and play dominoes. ;)


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