Saturday, December 20

It's Christmastime!

Brady, at least, still occupies the seat at my feet.
(See my cool pink pants? They are so comfy!)

I decorated my Christmas tree this year all by myself. Just like last year. And probably next year..... It's just not Tyler's thing. He does the cold stuff outside like putting up or taking down Christmas lights. I'm cool with that.

Besides, I'm so fussy and meticulous about my tree, I probably wouldn't even enjoy him helping me anyways! It's going to be difficult when I have kids someday.... they're going to want to put stuff on, and I'll be like "NAY, villian! Get thee away from my Christhamath Tree!"

No I won't... I'll be nice.

It's just so exciting! A Christmas tree is like a girl, waiting to get ready before her nighttime event! No makeup yet, no sparkly jewelery yet.....

Once that jewelery goes on though, she just starts to feel so pretty!

But the makeup is definitely what makes it all work. The colour, the delicate touches... ah. Such finery.

Would YOU let your two year old (or husband) put your makeup on for you? Well that's how I feel about decorating my Christmas tree! It's going to be hard to let go.

My tree is so pretty. It adds such a warm, festive feel to my home. I'm so ready for Christmas now, especially because I have all my presents wrapped now.

Feliz Navidad, everyone!


  1. Great pictures, Sarah. And I love the entire post, right down to the last line.

    You've got all of YOUR PRESENTS WRAPPED?? Already? C'mon, where's the staying up until two am on Christmas morning tradition flown to? Aren't you going to follow in your mother's (and grandmother's) footsteps at all?


    I guess not.

    Good for you, I say. Be ready. I'm all for that.

    We have our humongous tree inside. Not yet dressed or pretty, but that may happen yet today.

    I have presents, still unwrapped.

    I have food, which has been dipped into by hungry teenagers with bottomless pits for stomachs.

    So, we may be able to celebrate after all. Because the most important thing is sharing the love of Christ on Christmas. And even though I'm always running behind, I'm certain we'll be able to do that.

  2. LOL! Well, maybe I'll be staying up to two in the morning when I have kids to wrap presents for... after all, I'll never be able to get away from them when they're awake! But Tyler was at work yesterday, so I wrapped his, and while I was at it I wrapped everything else.

    I have some food, but I need to get a few things in order to finish the special dishes I plan on making.

    I'll bet that tree is humongous! Does it even FIT?


  3. Awww!! Such a pretty tree!!

    I have the same disease. ;) I like each ornament to be hung 'just so', and of course everything has to be even.

    But, I figure good Christmas decorating memories are more important to my kids than a perfect tree. And, they're still young enough to listen to my 'suggestions' about where to hang the ornament. ;)

    I usually have all my presents wrapped by now... but not this year. Sigh. Hopefully I'll be able to finish them tomorrow night.

    You're making special food?!?? I realized after I spent all our money last week that I am out of some flours. :/ So, I can't do anything really special. I do have the stuff for meatballs, though!! :D

  4. MMmmmmmMeatballs!!!


    You know how I like to try and make everyone something they can eat, right? Well I have something kinda in mind, that I'm going to make, but I'll have to make it on Christmas Eve because there ain't gonna be time on Christmas day, fowh real, fowh real.

    I love that "suggestions" bit you said. It probably works pretty well, you have easy-going kids. :D

    My tree looks even prettier with the presents underneath it. It just looks like it has so much purpose now. It's guarding the presents.... with spangled bedangled style!


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