Monday, December 22

Let it snow, Let it snow, Let in snow.....


One of the worst snowstorms I have seen in ages is currently wreaking havoc around my home.

Snow was coming up from under the floor in our back room. Oh yeah. Snow. Through the INSULATED floor.

We had to unhook my newly-leveled washer, and pull it into the kitchen so it could thaw. We put antifreeze into the sink and toilet, so that they wouldn't crack.

We left the back room door open, so that our poor furnace could try it's darndest to get that icebox warm again.

Tyler had to get up in the middle of the night to throw more wood into the furnace, something he can normally leave for twelve hours at a time. Not only that, but the loverly wind has completely covered our wood pile with a behemoth of a drift.

And now, we're stuck at home, afraid to try to make it to work, because though my car can make it through quite a bit of snow, it can't make it through a sea of snow.

Thank Goodness we believe in God's sovereignty, or we'd be freaking out right now!

But we're not. We're okay, we're just waiting to see what happens.

I'm going to make myself a tea. Phoof.


  1. Yikes! Snow in the back room, eh? That sucks!! Are you going to put a few more vents out there?? Or buy a heater or something? The oil-filled heaters do a great job.

    What about the truck? Is the car better in snow than the truck? Isn't it 4WD? I'm only thinking about the poor piggies. :P

  2. We're going to buy a heater, and plastic the outside of the room from the roof to the ground to try to keep the wind out. It's so terrible! We thought we had it insulated well enough, but apparently not.

    The truck isn't 4WD, and we don't have snow tires on it. We got weight in the back, and that does make a difference, but it's not enough weight and it's gutless in snow without weight. (it's a Ford ;P )

  3. Riiiight. I forgot that it was a *FORD*. ;) I just figured it was 4WD. Sucks that it's not.

    Would it help if you shoveled snow up against the outside wall? We do that here, around our *entire* back room, and it really makes a difference.

    Did you ever make it to work? I hear you got caught by the OPP. (Yeah you know me!!) (It just screams for that addition every time I say it. ;)

  4. When I was a kid, I used to leave my bedroom window open a few inches. Woke up many times with a drift going right up and onto my bed - used to freak my mother out.

    Don't be such a wuss... cold back rooms are nothing. Wait until you open the front (and back) doors and find nothing but a wall of snow (happened to us several times) so that you had to DIG your way out of the house, never mind the driveway!

  5. Well, we bought a heater today, and some plastic to wrap around the house outside and staple down. Then Ty's going to take the snowblower and build up the snow around the house. Part of the problem I think is that for some reason no snow stays around the back room, it all blows into a drift around the wood pile. Around the back room it's basically bare to the ground, except for icy patches. :P

    We did get caught by the Ontario Poopy Pants, and he was very mean and yelled at us, made us turn around, and followed us home. He was young, probably on some power trip or something. Jerk.


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