Wednesday, February 8

It was chilly outside,

but that didn't stop us from getting out there and enjoying the sunshine!

We did have to bundle up, and it would have been better if there wasn't such a cold, piercing wind, but hey... can't have everything. Especially when it's February and there's not 6 foot snowdrifts everywhere. (Still can't believe the weather...)

Deklan kept busy pointing stuff out to me (because obviously I hadn't noticed that the farm next to us has a BARN, Mommy, a BARN!) while I held Reid and attempted to shield him from the worst of the cold wind.

He had trouble catching his breath at times, and so our foray into the outdoors did not last long, but it was still nice.

Spring can't come fast enough for me!!! I can't wait to get out there and dig in the dirt and plant a garden, clean out all the old musty leaves from the flowerbeds, pull out the overgrown plants and start construction on our little shed. We have to take the roof off of it, so since we have to do that anyway we're going to extend it, making part of it into a shop for Ty, and the rest is going to be a barn. Yay for animals! :)

I'm glad February is a short month... come on, March! Then April! Then May! Hurray!

Thursday, February 2


They're not very clear pictures, but they get the point across I think.... my baby is so TUTE!

Today I had my last midwife appointment with Susan. She was an amazing, compassionate, capable, wonderful midwife and I would have her be my midwife again in a heartbeat. It made me sad to say goodbye.

Reid was a little older than usual to be still under the care of a midwife, but when he was 6 weeks old she was gone to Haiti! So his last appointment got pushed back.

He is a chunky, chunky monkey, weighing in at 15 lbs 10 ounces, and he is 25 inches long (maybe more, I can't remember whether she said 25 or 25 & 1/4). He's doing so well, and I am so thankful to have such a beautiful, healthy baby boy.