Sunday, February 22

Strawberry & Yogurt Smoothie

It's about the only thing that my stomach is actually tolerating without complaint.
I took about a cup of frozen strawberries, a cup of plain Balkan-style yogurt, two tablespoons of honey, a cup of milk, and blended it all up in my shiny new blender.

For a bit of zazz, I added a slice of lime and a squirt of lime juice on top.

Mmmmm, blended goodness.

Trust me, it's good. And the two straws aren't for sharing, they're just because I like the look of two straws better than one. Plus, the straws I have are really skinny and you can't get much up with just one.

Have you had a good snack today?

Saturday, February 21


Quite the spread, eh?

I realize this is a bit overdue, but I just downloaded my pictures and wanted to put these up here despite them being a week late. If you remember my "Valen-times" post, you'll know I planned a special surprise fondue lunch for my husband.

I had beef and chicken, mushrooms (for me), yam & potatoes, three kinds of dipping sauces, garlic dill pickles on the side, and dill pickle cream cheese dip with ruffle chips as a filler.

Despite being little portions of food, fondue is actually quite filling. Well, we kept at it for a while... we were cooking and eating for about an hour before the gel finally burned up and our oil wasn't boiling anymore.

Tyler kept on taking my forks, which earned him a lot of scolding. His colours were red, yellow, and orange, mine were purple, green, and blue. He'd forget, and take mine, but he always made sure I had one cooked at the same time he had one.

Dessert was awesome. Just look at that chocolate... it was so smooth and creamy! It was just melted Chipits mixed with a bit of cream. So, so good.

Sliced peaches, strawberries, marshmallows, and gluten-free pretzels were all ready for the dipping. I also had crushed peanuts to roll the goodies in, once they were all covered in chocolate.

Mmmmm.... I think I'm going to start drooling.

My favourite was the peaches, probably because Tyler kept on losing his in the chocolate, and I had them perfect every time. A little bit of payback for him stealing my forks in the meat fondue, ha ha.

So that's it. My special, secret, suprise fondue luncheon. Have one for yourself sometime, it was really fun and I'm definitely going to do it again soon!

Aw man

I feel sick today.

I don't think it's pregnancy sickness, either.

You know, there's something to be said against working with someone who has two small children in daycare and public school. They get every illness imaginable, infected by their little friends, and they in turn give it to their mommy, who kindly brings it to work to share with everyone there.

I never used to worry about all the germies she carried, but now that I'm pregnant, my immune system is apparently taking a vacation.

Get off that hammock, you white blood cells, and get your gelatinous little blobs back here this instant! Don't you take another sip of that pina colada! Don't! DON'T!

Little rotters.

Anyways, I've felt queasy and fatigued all day. It could just be pregnancy, I guess, but I've been feeling really good lately so this is out of order.

Hopefully I feel better tomorrow... I really, really hate to spend my whole weekend sick. It really bums me out.

I'm going to make myself a strawberry yogurt smoothie, because it's the only thing that seems appeasing right now. I'll show those little white blood cells how to relax with a cold drink. The jerks.

Saturday, February 14

Happy Valen-times day

Okay. So I lost the cable that attaches my camera to my computer, probably at the JLC when we went to see the London Knights play. Don't ask me how I lost it, I just did. So I bought something new, it's a card reader that plugs into the computer and doesn't take up any of the battery power of the camera in order to download the pictures. Pretty cool, eh?

Well, the point of this is to say that yes I will be uploading more pictures from now on, and I'm very sorry for the slow arrival and boring content of the past few posts. (Except for the post about Beanie... who's not excited about that?)

Today is Valentine's day. I don't really care all that much about the "romantic" holiday, I think it is just an excuse for shopkeepers to jack up the prices of their chocolates, cards and flowers. I prefer if my husband shows me love every day of the year, not just one. And vice versa.

That being said, I was totally psyched about this Valentines!!! Only because Tyler was working, and I was off, so I could prepare a special surprise for him.

I made fondue. Woo hoo!
We got a fondue and chocolate fondue set when we were first married, but we've never ventured to use them. I decided today would be a good day to try it out.

I woke up at 7:30 this morning, thinking that would be plenty of time for me to get everything ready before Ty came home at 12:00-ish. I guess I didn't factor in the "I'm tired and pregnant" thing, because 12:00 rolled around and I still wasn't ready.

Hey! Don't laugh, I did clean my house, too. There was a lot to do.

Anyways, I just had Tyler close his eyes and camp out in the living room, playing hockey on Playstation, until finally everything was ready.

And it was so worth it. Fondue is just so good.

Now that we've broken in the fondue set, I think we'll use it a bit more often than, well, never. I'm going to try to do a cheese sauce fondue next time, with vegetables to dip in it. Yummy!

What did you do for your Valentine this year?

Wednesday, February 11


It's a tumour!


Well, it's not that scary, really. It's just a stupid fibroid. They found it on my uterus during my ultrasound.

I'm not very happy about it, either. Stinking fibroid. How dare it grow itself in my body. Little upstart. I'm so getting it removed, later in life.

Well, my husband reminded me of something yesterday, after I told him what the Nurse Practitioner said.

He said "Well, I guess that's why God didn't make it possible for you to have a midwife. He knew you'd need to give birth in the hospital in case the fibroid ruptures and you need a blood transfusion."

Talk about providence.

I'm not happy about the fibroid, but I'm happy that God loves me and is looking out for me.

Sunday, February 1

Is there really a baby in there?

I woke up pretty early yesterday morning. I was probably too excited to sleep. I had a shower, got some breakfast, and put some good clothes on. I had somewhere to be, after all.

About two seconds before I walked out the door, I remember something about having to have a full bladder when you get an ultrasound. So, because I'm me, I had a small glass full of water. I knew I'd be busting by the time I got to the hospital. My bladder is ridiculously small, people. If I had drank the recommended volume of water, I would've been peeing myself before I ever got to the city.

We went in the emergency entrance, because apparently that early in the morning the front doors are locked. No visitors allowed. I felt pretty silly going into emergency when there was nothing really wrong with me, except for the fact I had to wizz.

I wasn't on the list! It was a scary few minutes. I had my appointment paper, filled out by my nurse practitioner, so they knew I wasn't lying... but I wasn't in the computer, I wasn't on the technician's list, and there was a gentleman standing in line behind me who also had an appointment for 9:45! The secretary and the technician stood at the computer, frowning, humming and hawwing for a while, and then they finally decided to take me because I was busting to pee and the old guy behind me was not. He had to wait. Haha.

You know, I'm pretty sure the whole "your bladder has to be full" thing is just a ruse so that the technicians have something to laugh about over their stale tuna sandwich at lunchtime. "Hahaha, oh you should have seen her face, hahaha, she had it so worked up and red she looked like a baboon's rear end." They laugh. I know they do.

And they have a cruel streak! The way she pressed down with the wand, just at the riiight spot to make me thing I was going to let go, just hard enough to make me bite my lip from the discomfort. Seriously? That's necessary? C'mon. I call that unecessary torture.

But I'm a tough cookie, and I made it through. The technician (her name is Jessie) did her whole examination, and I watched her face the entire time because I couldn't see the moniter. Her facial expression never changed, and the craziest thoughts started going through my head. It started with "What if there's nothing there? What if it's just an empty bag and nothing in it, no baby, I'm just crazy... what if there's tumours? Large tumours? Big enough to start growing my belly tumours?" Her face never reassured me at all. I'm sure she was just concentrating, but she could have at least smiled a little. Sheesh.

At long last Jessie was finished, and she turned the moniter so Tyler and I could see. My irrational fears were all unfounded, and we finally got our first glimpse of our little one.

Jessie said that right up until that point, the baby must have been sleeping, because she (or he) wasn't moving very much. But as soon as she turned the moniter, the baby got excited, and started waving her/his arms and legs like a crazy monkey! It was awesome. We saw the little thup thup thup of the heartbeat, but we didn't get to hear it. Later we will.

It is the coolest thing ever to be able to spy on your little baby, who is growing safe and snug deep within your body. I think all I said was "Wow!" and "Awesome" and "Awwww!" and "That is so cool!"

It is.

Beanie Baby

ps.... Happy belated Birthday to Nater-Binator! I'm sorry I didn't write you a blog post, I was at Granny's on your birthday and didn't get home until bedtime. Love you Nathan!