Tuesday, November 16

15 months! (Already!)

Oh Time, it's a movin'.....

My gorgeous baby boy is fifteen months old! 
He's been sick for the majority of November (darn you, flu season, darn you to heck!) but he started to feel better just in time for his 15 month pictures! He wasn't very interested in the camera today, but I got a few cute ones. :)

Playing with a shovel... he loves to play with all of Daddy's toys (i.e. tools, tractors, shoes, gloves.. whatever Daddy has, Ducky wants.) 

Racing down the driveway because he wants to catch the cars... Oh my, yes, he does. Which, in turn, makes Mommy want to invest in a sturdy dog leash. *Ahem*. 

An adorable baby with not so adorable nose mucous, because he has just gotten over a very bad cold, and hey, snot happens.

Wiped clean! What else are Mommy's sleeves for? *silently dry-heaving while putting on a brave face* 

Apparently does not want to sit still so Mommy can get a picture of his face. Oy vey.... the tantrums. 

This pic is grainy, but I HAD to include it because of his ridiculous eyelashes. And his meltingly good smile. I know meltingly is not a word, but it should be.

And, even though this was from a few weeks ago, it's Ferocious D-man! :) Isn't he so cute?! Of course he is! I didn't really need to ask that, but I did anyway.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get a 15 month old spitfire to sit still for a few seconds? I've tried capturing his attention with toys, whistling, stupid noises, funny dances... with minimal success.

I don't know how those child portrait photographers do it. I really don't. ;)


  1. I don't know, either. I think you'll just have to get really, really good with on-the-run shots. ;)

    Love the wiped clean shot! :D Great of his eyes. His hair is getting so long and shaggy! :D

    I can't believe he's already 15 months. Sigh.

  2. Nothing. Ever. Stops. The. Baby.

    Happy 15 months! Makes me try to think how old my little boy is.

    AGH, 19 months! How'd that happen? O.o


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