Tuesday, March 1

Random Drawings from 2008

I left my journal on the couch last night, and this morning D-man grabbed it and the pen that was with it and started doodling, and was quite upset when I took it away from him. So, being the problem solver that I am, I went to get him something else to colour on.

That is how I found my old sketchbook, sitting under a pile of papers in my art supplies cupboard.

These drawings are all from 2008, and they are all mine so no takey or touchy without express permission from myself, the artist, Sarah Fenton. So there, artwork stealing people.

I need to start drawing again. I haven't drawn anything in months.... it's kind of funny, considering that's all I ever used to do. ;)


  1. I remember some of those. ^.^

    Yes! You! Draw!

  2. And publish said drawings. Maybe with some delightful stories as well.

    Like the first drawing of the dog. HE or SHE has a story for sure! :D

  3. Dude!!! Do it!!

    I like-a ... da cha-cha.

    No. I mean I like your drawings.

  4. Way, way cool. Keep it up, Sarah. You have talent and need to use it!


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