Saturday, March 12

I need a sick day. Or, how I'm a selfish ingrate.

Just every once in a while, it would be nice if there were 'sick days' to take off from parenthood just like there are 'sick days' you can take from work.

Because when my head is achy, I really don't want to listen to Deklan crying when Daddy takes away the T.V. remote.

When my nose is stuffy, I want to curl up in a blanket with some hot tea, not entertain a fussy 18 month old.

When I have a mild fever, I really really realllly don't want to read any baby books. I just don't. Even when the baby that's asking me to read his book for him is the most adorable baby ever.

And when I'm coughing and sneezing and my nose is dripping uncontrollably I don't want to get up -again- to get Deklan away from another stupid fly that's coming out of Winter hibernation and buzzing around on the floor. Sigh.

Tyler tries to help, but he can only do so much, since Deklan is going through a "I hate Daddy" phase. Daddy's not allowed to do anything. Mommy do. Mommy do. Argh....

It would be nice to say "I'm sick today! I can't come in... la la la." and someone else will magically take care of my baby for me.

This is teaching me patience, though... right? That's something, anyway. I guess.


Ty was sick last week, Deklan was sick Wed/Thurs/Friday, I've felt sick since last night and all of today, so hopefully by tomorrow night I'll feel better. Because if I don't, I'll probably have to call the whaaambulance.

Ah.... it's not so bad. I just feel like complaining.  

Tired, Grumpy & Nose-Fountainey,



  1. I do get it.

    I escap-ied for the first time to go to Windsor... And I missed my baby very very much.

    But. It was a break. And, I liked it. Except for the packhorse thing... ;)

  2. ha ha ha the waaaambulance.

    But seriously, I get that. Feel better.

    here's some cyber soup.

    I don't know how to make those designs, so just picture a bowl. Thanks.

  3. I think every Mother in the world get's this...

    The hardest thing about Motherhood IS that you never get a break. Not really. If you're not with them, you worry about them. And miss them.

    So even little breaks aren't really breaks.

    You're "on" till they're dead.

    That should cheer you up. ;p

  4. And it really doesn't get any easier when they grow up.

    I'm just saying.

    No breaks for YOU. But little mini-breaks are nice. Go have a bath and let Tyler take him for a bit. Soak in bubbles, sip some wine (or Strongbow) and RELAX. Maybe Ty will have to take Deklan outside so you don't hear him screaming... but he should do it.

    Hope you're feeling somewhat better today.


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