Monday, November 2

Evening to Morning,

I still gots to smile!!

This was taken Saturday night, after the Scary Party (which went really well, by the way, but I was really busy and my camera was a jerk so I got NO (seriously, NO) good pictures.) Deklan was all smiles for Daddy.

Anyone who got good pictures, can you send me a copy? I would love you forever if you did..

Yesterday morning, it was the same thing.

More smiles for Daddy. Isn't that so sweet?

Deklan loves his Daddy, and I'm so glad. It took him a long time to smile at Daddy after he started smiling at Mommy (he even smiled at Granny, Aunt Heather and midwife Rebekah first!) but now, as soon as Daddy comes in the door he holds Deklan and has a good long talk with him. Deklan loves it.

For those of you who read my blog who don't have the same grandparents as me (because ya'll already know) Deklan's cast came off last Friday! And there was much rejoicing. YAY!

It's already made a world of a difference. I'm going to post again later, with pictures of Deklan's perfectly healed, yummy chubby little legs!


  1. I have those same jammies in PINK! :) I love them. They fit so well.

    Love the smiles. Uncle Jeffie finally got a smile at the Scary Party! :D

    Deklan's too adorable... especially with two chubby legs. :D

  2. hmmmmm...wonder who gave you the same ones in pink and blue? hehehe...


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