Tuesday, October 27

My abdominals and I

My abs and I used to be good friends. We hung out every day. They'd help me at work, and I'd thank them for a job well done. Occasionally I would test them out, see how many sit-ups they could do. They always did great. I'd rub oil on them, and flex them in front of a mirror - they loved the attention!

When I got pregnant, I swore I wouldn't forget them. They were like, "A-ight", and kept on doing their thing. My baby kept getting bigger and bigger, shoving them further and further away from me, but they kept their cool. I still used them at work, so they didn't feel too neglected.

Then I got injured. My hip joint popped out, sending me home from work for good. I wouldn't be going back until the baby was a year old. My abs had a mild panic attack, but I told them not to worry. I'd need their help for the rest of the pregnancy, because this baby wasn't getting any smaller.

The months rolled by, and then Deklan was born. My stretched out abs were just done. They said "That's it!" and just hung there, all jiggly-like, refusing to tighten up.

My good friends and I became estranged.

Now, I'm trying to get reacquainted.

It's such a slow process that it HURTS!

But I did keep my promise, I didn't forget them. And I hope that soon they'll realize that, and stop being so pouty. I mean, seriously. It's kind of immature.


  1. Hahha...I LOVE this! I feel the same way...3 kids later and they are begging for my attention.

  2. Go go go! Patch that relationship!

    Is the video fun?

  3. The video is fun! And stressful. And hard. But only because I'm not good at it yet. Soon, it will be just fun.

  4. Hahahahaa.... that's awesome. :D

    Not that your abs are pouty... but that you're getting them in line!! :)

  5. You so funny!!!

    I, too, am trying to reacquaint myself my with my long neglected abs, and they are EXTREMELY pouty.

  6. my abs and I have had a break through. As long as I give them a wee bit of attention, they won't stick their tongue(s) out at me anymore. :)

  7. What a CUTE baby!

    And I'm with you on the abs. Oh man. I had five babies in seven years, so it was a looong time of no ab work... Good for you on getting them back into shape! :)

    I now have a nice six-pack, only you can't see the very bottom part because there's a layer of gooey skin now there that only surgery could remove-lol. Meh...I'll keep it. My four year old looooves to pat it when we're snuggling--he says it's kind of like play-dough, but better). :)


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