Thursday, October 22

My Beautiful Boy

Is now over two months old!!

Smiling and flirting with Auntie Linda yesterday... so stinking cute!

Agh! The cuteness! My heart just can't take it!

And, his new cast. He's been doing SO much better since the fiberglass cast was put on last Friday. The doctor said that two more weeks would have that break all healed up, so next Friday we're going to go get that cast off! Yes!

I am the mother of the cutest baby in the world. No brag, just fact.


  1. Aww!!

    He's too adorable! Love the grins. ;)

    I haven't had a smile up close and personal from the little Duckster yet.. >:( So I better get one the next time I see him. :P

  2. He was such a good baby when we were shopping too! And, of course, absolutely adorable. The waitress at the restaurant gave him TWO toys, and some disgusting old man gave him a toonie.

    He impressed everyone.


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