Monday, October 26

“Halloween Dress-Up” Photo Challenge


My little sister Elena designed and made this 'Blue Dragon' costume for Emma's Medieval birthday party. Those wings were vicious! I almost got my eye poked out. It was this close.

I love how she gelled her bangs into a point, like a horn. So creative!

This week at I Heart Faces, it is Halloween Dress-up! Go see more photos!


  1. That is a GREAT costume. I love creativity! Very wonderful : )

  2. So cool!

    Thanks for posting a comment on my blog, too. And I'm sending hugs to your precious little boy!

  3. Cool shot!

    Yes, I think the bangs were my favourite part, too. ;)

  4. Great expression and costume!

    Love your blog. Being a mom is the best thing in the world isn't it??? I am jealous that you are just at the beginning with your's so fun to watch them grow. My last is now 11 months so I won't have that new baby to watch grow. I have 3 wonderful boys, but I remember my first and love your excitement. take care.

  5. I'm totally diggin' her expression. Definitely a nice finish to the costume!


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