Wednesday, September 26

A Beautiful Day

I don't like to think about the fact that Winter is swiftly approaching (although, apparently I like to passive-aggressively remind the rest of you that Winter is swiftly approaching... Christmas is only three months away, remember?), so today was simply wonderful.

It was so sunny and warm! Deklan, Reid & I went for a long walk, just to soak up some sunshine and to get some fresh air.

Just look at that sky!! That's straight out of the camera, no touch-ups or colour enhancements.

Reid loves to go for walks. He's an observer, he likes to sit and watch things. He talked to himself happily the entire time. :)

This is just to remind everyone that Deklan has the most gorgeous eyelashes, ever. This is his "I miss Daddy" face. He starts to get pouty around 3:00 PM if Ty isn't home yet. 

 Ah! His eyes! So gorgeous.

Look at that smile!! He melts me. He is so sweet. :)

That's all for today...

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