Friday, August 20

Missing my baby boy

He's at Grandma's, which of course means he is not here with me. So I am sad.

And my bosoms hurt. He isn't weaned yet, and the breast pump just ain't doing the job.

I'm very excited for him to come home! Only an hour and a half left! Yes!

We're having a big 1st Birthday Bash today, with all my family and all Ty's family. Should be epic! Hopefully in a fun way!

I'll have pictures of it up tomorrow... For today, pray for my poor swollen mammary glands, and that my heart doesn't explode of sadness if my son is even a minute late. Because I miss him that much.

Happy weekend, everyone!



  1. Oh fun! Mammary issues! Bleh, don't miss those days! ;-)

    A gluten free diet, huh? Is that by choice, or do you have to? I had some stomach issues a while back, and I had to do that diet for a month or so (can't remember)...WOW, that was a hard one to follow! Yikes!

    Happy weekend to ya! :-)

  2. Well, it is by choice, but if I chose to eat gluten I would suffer horrible consequences the likes of which I will not disgust you with by describing in detail.

    So basically, yes I have to. ;)

    Most of my family has celiac disease, so practically all of us (except the dumb ones) stay off of wheat and gluten in order to spare our guts from being routinely tortured.

    Being on a gluten free diet isn't so bad once you're used to it. What I'm not used to yet is some of my sisters and nephews & nieces are allergic to other things like corn, dairy, soy... stuff that I'm used to baking with instead of wheat. So it's a bit of a challenge, but they do it every day, so I can at least make them a cake they can eat at Deklan's party! :)

  3. Awww - I hope his birthday party was a lot of fun!
    And that the cake worked out...
    ...And I told David I agreed with you calling him an @$$ about the blueberry thing :D

  4. It was fun! :D And the cake was yummy. The blueberries made it. ;)

    And, your double bubbles were intact when we got there, so I guess they didn't explode. ;)

  5. Poor poor boobies.

    Wear a tight bra at work, then let it all hang out when you get home.


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