Friday, August 27

I stubbed my toe today....

.... and quite a lot of skin is now missing from the tip. My poor, poor baby toe. The kicker of it is, I didn't even notice until I stepped into the shower a couple hours ago. Then it was stinging, and I was saying "Ouchie, ouchie, ouch ouch!" and hopping on one foot.

Ah well.... it was a busy day.

My living room ceiling is finished! Woo hoo! And the living room is clean. Oy vey, is it ever clean. Have I ever mentioned that I hate wainscoting?  No? Well I do. Mainly because it is so hard to get clean! So many little edges and ruts and corners..... ack. Full of drywall dust! It was fantastic. NOT.

Now, I have to do dishes and tidy up everything I possibly can, because tomorrow the Realtor is bringing a couple to see our house. Our first showing! It's so stressful and exciting but mostly stressful. Mainly because we weren't expecting anyone to come until Monday, and we got a surprise call Thursday night "Hey can I bring someone Saturday morning?" and we were like "!!?!?!! !!!!???! !!" and then we decided we'd go for it. So it's been a busy couple days! A lot of late nights, and early mornings. Am I coherent any more? Not really. Am I looking forward to going to bed tonight? Only sorta, because now I have to worry about my stupid baby toe and not getting it stuck to the sheet with its ooey gooey grossness. Bleh. (Because I can't wear band-aids. Something about being allergic and having a severe reaction to any type of adhesive, blah blah blah.)

Oh, and I have to finish doing laundry tonight, so I don't have basket-fulls of laundry hanging around stinking of stink for strangers to see and/or smell. Stinking of stink? Yes, I wrote that. Twice.

Now that I've wasted a sufficient enough amount of time on the computer, I must go do dishes! And make sure the coffee maker is set to come on at 6:30 a.m. Because Jeffie will be here by 7:00!  I said there would be coffee, so coffee there shall be!

Have a good weekend, everyone. :)


  1. Yep, you better have coffee ready! ;) He's got his alarm set and everything.

    Ow, poor toe! Hope it heals quickly.

    I'm so excited for your showing!! :D Hopefully they love it, and buy it right away. :)

  2. They are going to buy it, and offer full asking price. Then on Monday another couple will walk through, love it, and offer more.

    That would be cool.

    An epic battle for your house.

    Winner pays through the arse.


  3. I stubbed my toe on Friday too. In an epic way involving the pavement at the edge of a road that I didn't think was there so I didn't step up. Pavement at the edge of a road is uneven and hard and I really don't recommend stubbing your toe against it. That is my advice.

    Good luck with the house! I hope everything works out - cuz we are already hoping to get in on some tobaggoning cuz apparently your new place will be the place to do that.


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