Sunday, August 15

A Wedding!

Tyler's cousin Antonio got married yesterday, so that meant we had to get all dressed up and go to a wedding. 
Since getting dressed up is a very rare occasion around here, I asked my sister Linda to take pictures of us. She was already at our house because she was going to babysit Ducky, so it should have been simple enough.

Except, D-man was in a very bad mood. It was hot and sticky and it was his naptime, and Auntie Linda got there just as he was settling down to nurse, so he was interrupted and became just plain ol' cranky.


He wouldn't smile! Not at all.

That's not actually a smile, he's in mid-whine there... it still looks cute, though.

He didn't even want to be held by Daddy. Oh bother.


 We could still smile though! Yay us!

It was a hot, humid, muggy, suffocating day yesterday. The church had no AC. And the reception hall had very limited AC. So, I think I drank about sixteen billion glasses of water at the reception, because I was losing just as much through my poor pores. 

The wedding itself was beautiful, and the food was awesome, but I was missing my boy and I was glad to get home! It's the longest we've ever been away from each other, a whole 8 hours. 

He was good for Auntie Linda, except for the last half hour. He woke up and realized "Hey, my Mommy's not here!" and was inconsolable. He was okay after I cuddled him and nursed him back to sleep. It would be so much easier if the kid would just take a bottle! But no such luck.

Congratulations to T.J & Kaily! 


  1. You guys looked sharp.

    Duckster will get used to being away from you, faster then you will get used to being away from him.

  2. Cute family! :D

    Love the pic of you and Ducky... even if he was whiny. ;)

  3. OK, you are entirely too cute. What spot am I going to fill...the ugly sister? Sheesh! ;-)

    You guys are an awesome looking bunch!! ;-)


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