Thursday, August 12

Tiny Thursday

Meh, why not.

This blog post was going to have the title "It's Thursday!" but then I realized I already have an "It's Thursday!" post somewhere. D'oh. (Here it is.)

Yesterday was a write-off of a day for me. I was sick. Sick, sick, sick. I could barely take care of my energetic and happy baby, let alone actually do a blog post.  I think I probably had heat stroke, after spending most of the early afternoon Tuesday outside at my Mom's place, helping to butcher chickens. (Which, by the way, is pretty yucky.)

But, I did have enough life left in me yesterday to grab my camera, after I spotted this fuzzy wuzzy guy as I was letting the dogs out. (Because, sick or no, ya still gotta let your dogs out to pee. You just do. Believe me, I had this whole argument with myself yesterday, as I was laying on the couch, listening to the dogs breathe in the other room. They were loudly breathing because they're not allowed to whine in their kennels.  Did you know loud breathing is just as annoying, if not more annoying, than whining? But only if you're sick. I think.)

It's so fuzzy!!!!


I love these little guys. My sister and I used to catch them and hold them, pretending they were our pets. They were like tiny, tiny, elongated teddy bears! Who doesn't love teddy bears? I think that's probably on the list of whether or not you're a sociopath. If you don't like teddy bears, you're a sociopath. (Or maybe, if you DO love teddy bears, you're a sociopath... which is it? Linda?)


Aww haw hawww.... look at his tiny, tiny face!


Not a big fan of the scary claw feet, but hey, you can't be all cuteness and fluffy adorableness, because then how would you scare away any predators?  Or photographers?

Here's a trivia question for all you brainy know-it-all-and-can't-help-but-share-it types... WHAT species of butterfly (or moth) does this caterpillar represent?? Because I have no idea.

Happy Thursday, everyone. 

UPDATE: I'm pretty sure the caterpillar is an American Dagger Moth larvae! It sure looks like it, anyway!


  1. Cute little fuzzy thing! :D

    Don't know what it'll be. I haven't seen one of those around here.

  2. It's a new species that will top the food chain. Bwhahahahaha. >:)

    Being sick is awful, especially when baby is happy.

  3. I wouldn't ask me that question. I do love teddy bears - to an extreme degree - but whether I'm a sociopath or not depends on whether you give me fifty bubbles.

    I remember pretending they were elongated teddy bear pets. They're so fuzzy and cute.

    Except for the feet! It's so true! Ugly, ugly feet.

  4. By the way, wv: stinge.

    As in, don't stinge on the bubbles, man.

    I want my bubbles.

  5. Now I feel guilty.

    Man, that guilt-bone is BIG.

    It's all my fault that you were doing MY chickens.


    wv: crumen. Crummy men.

  6. Don't make me come over there and give you a thwack upside the head!!! If I wanted you to feel guilty, I'd tell you "Mom, you should feel guilty!" But I didn't! And I won't! Because I was there to help you so I did, and the sun stroke was an unfortunate coincidence!

    So there.

    Love you.

    And Linda, I don't have any bubbles for you. Unless you want bubbles in the Growers that will be in the fridge for you on Saturday.. in which case, there will be many bubbles. XD

  7. Girl, you soooo crack me up! Your comment made me laugh out loud!

    I LOVE this lil' fuzzy guy! Now why are there no cool bugs near my house? He's awesome!

  8. Incredible captures - I love how fuzzy he is. I would probably freak if I saw such a thing.


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