Tuesday, August 10

Touch-up Tuesday!

I really enjoy doing Touch-up Tuesday, I look forward to it every week! I usually edit most of my pictures, anyway, so all I have to do is write down the steps that I take so I can remember them. :)

Last weekend, my husband Tyler and I were at the bush for most of Saturday, working hard (or hardly working, HA!). There were times where there was nothing for me to do, so of course I just grabbed my camera and took pictures.

Believe it or not, it's actually easier to get a silly face from Ty than it is to get a good smile or even a somber face. Anyone who knows him will be like "Oh yeah... yeah."

For instance: Today's SOOC

I think my ISO was set at 100, the aperture was 250... and I don't remember what the F stop was. :P

This always happens to me... I get the settings right for a picture I'm taking far away, and then I zoom in to something closer and it comes out waaaay too dark. Pooey

Ah well, I'll never learn, because then I'll have nothing to do Touch-up Tuesday with! 


In Photoshop Elements, I
~Brightened the picture using the "levels"in 'enhance lighting'
~Selected only Tyler's face and sharpened it just a little bit
~Selected the inverse and blurred it just a little bit
~Using the quick selection tool I selected Tyler's eyes and brightened them up
~I used the burn tool on Ty's hat because I couldn't figure out how to get it darker without making his face too shadowy
~Used the "quick heal" brush to fix up a couple of those marks on his face that were driving me bonkers
~Added the watermark
And voila! 

I also always, always shrink my images because my computer is old and cold and very full of mold and it would scream bloody murder if I ever tried to upload anything in it's original size.

Now be a good sport and go join in the fun at Karli's! You know you want to..


  1. Ha! :D

    I'd say that's a typical Tyler face. XD

    Nice edit!

  2. Sarah, you abssolutely crack me up!! Would you and Adeena consider adding another sis to your clan? I'm really fun and I cook! LOL! :-)

    This is a great edit! I like how it removed the orange tones from the hubs face. He looks like a riot! Thanks so much for playing! Happy Tuesday! ♥

  3. Just found your blog and now following. I love what you've done to this photo to really perk it up and highlight his face. Great work.

  4. Great edit. Even with the silly goofy primal faces, he's still cute.

  5. Nice job! You might want to look at MCP's action A Little Light/A Little Dark - or something like that - it helps you selectively lighten/darken areas - although the way you did it works perfectly fine! Also, if you know that you always always end up getting somewhat dark photos when you go in close, you might want to adjust your white balance, to save yourself some editing time later.

    Great edit!!!


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