Monday, August 16

Deklan's First Birthday!

(This will have to be three separate posts, because of the quantity of pictures, and I know how annoying it is to wait for a bazillion pictures to load on one post, soooo... just make sure you see all three posts! Because I said so!)

I was so excited when I woke up this morning. I woke up at 8:19 a.m, only a few minutes short of the exact time my water was broken a year ago. Deklan was awake, and I heard him talking at his stuffed animals in his room. I went in to get him, and he gave me the biggest smile that just melted me. I hugged him tight and breathed in his scent, then kissed him and gave him zerberts on his neck to make him giggle.

He was in such a good mood! He usually is, but it was especially great this morning. Maybe he knew that today was special, or maybe his bum is finally starting to feel better after having an unfortunate "wheating" last week at church. 

We went downstairs to let the dogs out, then he played happily on the floor while I started mixing cake batter and pizza dough. I realized halfway through that I needed yeast and milk, so we made a quick trip to town. I stopped at the Dollar Store to get him a balloon, then the grocery store to get milk, yeast, cheese, pop, and ice cream. Birthday foods. :)

Back at home, we were getting out of the SUV, holding on tight to the balloon's string, but unfortunately the lady at the Dollar Store did NOT tie it on securely, and the wind took it away. BOO.

I finished the cake and the pizza dough, then sat on the floor and played with my buddy until the cake was ready to be iced.

I wasn't 100% happy with it, because I ran out of yellow food colouring, so I wasn't able to make any more tan for the lion. I would have liked to fix up the lion a bit more, but oh well. Next time.

Deklan had a nap, which allowed me to clean up everything, and get the floors vacuumed. Until my vacuum broke, which was one dark spot in an otherwise wonderful day.  The worst part was I couldn't find the receipt, which made the warranty useless. My hysterical quest in search of the receipt was for naught, because Tyler got home and said four simple words: "I can fix that." The poophead.

Tyler got home, and he brought Deklan a balloon! Hurray! Daddy was the hero.

I bought D-man this totally, completely, ridiculously adorable sleeper for his birthday. It's a dino suit!! So cute! Even though it just fits now, and won't fit him next week, I couldn't resist.

Deklan played with Daddy on the couch for a while, and I went for a run on my treadmill. Then, we all worked together to get the pizza ready to go in the oven, and after I had a shower, I took Deklan outside to get his pictures done while Ty got the pizza cooking!

Deklan was not very co-operative for pictures, he was too busy having fun with a balloon! It wasn't a helium balloon, but the wind carried it and made it fun to play with anyway!

He was constantly on the go. I'd pick him up and carry him to a spot suitable for pictures, and he'd motor it out of there as soon as his feet touched the grass. He was determined to go to the front porch, for some reason.

He eventually let go of the balloon, and it was carried away by the wind and exploded on a prickly plant. Oh bother. He wanted to chase after it (towards the road) so I took him to the backyard and trapped him in the wagon.

Where he stood still long enough for me to get this picture! Yes!

- to be continued... like, seriously, next post.



    It's totally awesome!!

    And the second pic of him with the balloon is too too cute. :)


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