Monday, August 16

Deklan's First Birthday! (Pt 3)

After a much needed bath,

it was time for presents!

Deklan was very excited about his presents, he had been eying them up all day, but they were just out of reach on the table.

Daddy sat on the floor to help him open the presents up.

What is it?

"Dude, that is AWESOME!"

He was so enthralled by the monster truck, he just couldn't wait to hold it! He was quite upset that Daddy was holding it, not letting him have it. He didn't understand that it needed to be taken out of the package, first.

"Dad, let GO!"

He was NOT impressed when Daddy took it to the kitchen to get a pair of scissors to cut the ties with. He was crying, and threw himself down on the floor and had a little bit of a tantrum. It was a little hilarious. ;)

When Tyler put the truck on the floor, Deklan wasted no time. He started playing right away!

He played with it for almost an hour before he lost interest and played with his balloon again.

Happy Birthday, Deklan!

At 8:25 PM, the exact time of his birth, we hugged and kissed him and told him we loved him so much

We thank God for this beautiful, precious, wonderful boy that He gave us.


  1. What a cool truck! :D

    I LOVE THE DINO JAMMIES!! Did I say that already? ;) They are so adorable.

  2. What a great series of posts for Deklan's first birthday!!! Love the cake.. the jammies... everything. I'll have to go look at all the pictures again.

    It's too cool that you woke up at the time of your water breaking last year... and hugged and kissed your son at the exact time of his birth. :D

    Happy Birthday, Ducky!

  3. To save a scream fest undo the tie's before it's raped.

  4. ^ That would be wrapped, hun. ;)

    He speaks from experience - that's what we always did! :)

  5. Yes, we always 'un-box' before wrapping. It does save the birthday child from having the excitement put on hold.

    I love the posts. Very nice.

    Happy Birthday Deklan, we're glad you're here too.

  6. Geeze, i am so glad Adeena cleared up Jeff's comment for me. I was pretty much stuck on "uhhhh, what?".

    I love his pjs!


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