Tuesday, August 3

Touch-up Tuesday!

It's Touch-up Tuesday time again! :)

ISO 200
Aperture 320
F 3.5

Ducky was playing with his new plastic wheelbarrow, and it got stuck on the edge of the driveway. He was not happy. His face killed me just a little bit! When I put the pictures on my computer I realized how out of focus he was, so I tried to fix that.


In Photoshop Elements, I 
~Straightened the image with the "Custom" setting, I put it to the left by 11 degrees, then cropped it.
~I used the cloning tool to fill in the grass and driveway where there was nothing, I think I could have done it better but I was in a rush. ;)
~Using the selection tool I selected just Ducky, sharpened him up by reducing the guassian blur, then inverted the selection and increased the guassian blur on the background.
~I raised the brightness to +2 and the contrast to +8
~I decreased the colour saturation to get some of that orange reflection off of his face

And that's it!

Oh, and I re-sized both images because they would have taken too long to upload otherwise. 
Have a picture that needs some fixer-uppering? Well then join in the fun at Karli's! :)


  1. OK, this is fantastic! Love how you improved the color, love how you sharpened him and now his eyes just pop, and you are the queen of straightening photos! I can't take a square picture to save my life. And then if I purposely tip the camera, I tip it the wrong way and the person looks like they're falling forward - LOL! This is really really good. I've never done that guassian blur trick and I'll have to mess around with that.

    I saw Adeena's touch-up with your little guy...and hers was awesome too! :-)

  2. Love the skin tone in the "new" photo

  3. Nicely done! :) Just enough orange is gone to make him the right colour! :D

    I love mad-Ducky-face. XD

  4. A definite save and I love the expression you caught on his face!


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