Tuesday, July 14

Take that, pesky flies!

Our house is old. Very, very old. Probably 130 years old, or something around there.

Our house, being old, has very old windows. Those windows, being around the same age as our very old house, do not do a very good job of keeping things like the wind, rain, and flies, outside instead of inside. They just come right on in, finding paths through the decaying frames and rotting sills that things much bigger than them can't navigate.
Plus, whenever there is a thunderstorm or a very strong wind, the windowpanes shake so hard I fear they will shatter and spray through the room like millions of daggers like you see in scary movies when the ghost is haunting the new residents of the old house and they're like "Get out of my house!!!" and the people are like, "Noooo!"

Yeah, a bit of a stretch, there.... but at 2:00 am, during a thunderstorm, my imagination can run away with me just a little bit.

Because we don't like flies, or wind, or rain, or ghosts being able to come in whenever and wherever they please, Tyler and I decided to install new windows. Not every window in our house (because when you're not a millionaire you need to renovate gradually), just the worst windows upstairs.

Old window on the right, new window on the left. Snazzy!

It looks like our house has had cataract surgery. She (yes, my house is a she) must feel SO much better, now she can see our neighbours and can stop bugging the tree to give her all the gossipy details.

Tyler's dad, Doug, came to help him install the new windows, which I very much appreciate. Besides being afraid of ghosts (ha), I'm also afraid of heights, so I wasn't going to be the one on the ladder outside.

I hate people who aren't afraid of heights. Well, not hate... I guess it's envy. Why aren't they afraid? Why? Do they know how HIGH UP they are???? Seriously!

Yeah, I wouldn't be able to do that. I'm such a chicken.

He knows I'm taking pictures of him, but he won't look at the camera. My dad-in-law is kinda pesky that way. He doesn't like pictures, but I do, and since I'm the one with the camera, I just keep on snapping away regardless of his feelings about it. Neener neener.

Abby likes pictures. I took this, and she had to come downstairs in order for me to show it to her on the camera. Such a little diva.

Tyler isn't a diva, but he is..... something.

I love that nerd.

Anyways, the new windows are beautiful, I love them so much, and they are the kind that open up and fold down so you can wash the outside while being inside! Score for me! No ladders, yay!

Eventually, all the windows in our house will be new ones, and then hopefully all those stinking flies that come over from the neighbour's farm will be kept out... I'm really getting tired of vacuuming those little stinkers up. Stupid flies.


  1. What a great post, Sarah-Say!! Love the pics, love the commentary, love that your house is a "she" and that she has had cataract surgery.

    And Tyler really is... something!


  2. Hurray for new windows!! :D

    Tyler is too funny. ;) And Abby is adorable.

  3. hahaha I definitely would not have been up there that high!! Pictures are great :) congrats on the new windows!!


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