Saturday, March 27

“Dramatic B&W” Photo Challenge!

My sister Linda and I have a special relationship. We've been best friends since we were wee ones (say that ten times fast... we were wee ones we were wee ones we were wo - I lose. Man.) and every time we get together, we end up making each other practically fall over laughing over nothing. Seriously. I could say something like "Dead puppies" and Linda would die laughing.

So, trying to get Linda to act "dramatic" for this photo challenge was actually more of a challenge than one would think. I'd say "Act sad or something!" and she'd make this really weird face, at which I would burst out laughing, and then she would laugh, and we'd be at square one again.

Finally I just gave her a glass of wine and told her to sit on my stairs and look broody. It worked! Hurrah!

So, go to i heart faces to see more dramatic black and whites!


  1. Absolutely stunningly beautiful! Even if it was hard to get the did an awesome job.

  2. I can't do dramatic or serious faces without laughing, either! Nice job!

  3. She does drama well. Great pic Sarah!

  4. Great job. Stifle the giggles with wine. Works for me. NOT.

  5. Your photo turned out the story too. I can picture my sister and I trying something like this too and cracking up! Nice job!

  6. So....yea. We did more laughing than picture taking. 'twas fun though.

    By the way Sarah, can you email me the other two faves?

    By the other way, guess how long it took me to take all that make-up off. I was reminded why I never wear the stuff.

    I'd say "awesome photo" but that would be a little egocentric...o well. Awesome photo. ;p


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